Sunday, February 28, 2010

A number of strange happenings

The shortest yet longest month of the year is over... spring is around the corner people (I can especially hear cheering from all my east coast readers, what's up with all that snow this winter?)

Speaking of snow, did you know it hailed in Egypt a couple of days back?! You don't believe me? Here's my proof:
last I checked, palm trees don't go well with snow!(photo credit: Abeer)
A thousand years ago, she asked me to sing in her band. I had no idea she made it big in Egypt. So glad I said no. (she's very nice in real life btw)

She shared a classroom with me until I.G.C.S.E. Now her billboards fill the streets. (she's also very nice in real life, and no, Egyptian women don't run around the streets dressed in party gowns.)

I plugged my camera to download my photos and it said "no image".

I have two kids of my own!!! (this one is the strangest of all)


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