Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four things plus a bench

Thank you everyone for emailing and commenting, I learned so much from your feedback. So since you've been kind enough to read my "serious" stuff. Here are some photos to better assist yesterday's unusual blog.

Desk:(this was taken about a year ago, I added it from my flickr account, hence the weird dimensions. Taken by a phone camera)

Desk, originally uploaded by Muslim Hippie.

Sewing Machine: (all the photos were taken very late at night, hence the poor light, I do immensely apologize!)

The three antique photographs:: ( again so sorry about the lighting, I don't like using flash, so all you get are weird blurry photos) first::




( don't mind the weird stuff on the wall!)

Repurposed Crib Rail::

My daughters are all about dress up these days. We currently own only own set of wings which is sometimes a problem-- you see Grabby is becoming more vocal about her desires. So this borrowed fairy costume from her sister was a compromise. It was screaming to be a Bench, so here you go-- The fairy inhibited Bench::

 Happy Bench Monday everyone!


Yeserday's post has been removed.
Thanks everyone.


Yasmine said...

I love the repurposed crib rail idea! good for hijabs!

Muslim Hippie said...

Yasmine, I got inspired after seeing scarves displayed on ladders, I'm still waiting for the perfect beat down wooden ladder for my scarves.