Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alter Ego!

I'm probably late in my discovery, but we tumbled across Janelle Monae through an NPR interview... She:

Has an android alter ego ( how rad is that?), an awesome hair do that only she can pull, mesmerizing dance moves ( Plus she can moon walk. Anyone who can moon walk definitely wins my respect!), and fantastic presence and showman shipment.

Here's a favorite by her.

I think If I had an alter ego, I would definitely be like Kiki: a flying witch delivering stuff all around, with a pet black cat that has an attitude, and a small stereo. You can't beat that! I already have a nice broom, now all I need is a cat... and a small stereo. ( I wouldn't want to be a teenage witch though. I'm glad those years are over!)

What would your Alter Ego be?


Monday, June 29, 2009

Read at your own risk :: Gay Pride Parade

I know this is a very controversial topic. Hence the title read at your own risk. And please if you don't agree or don't like what I'm saying. Try to respect our differences and if you're to leave a comment . Try to be nice. ( I am really worried. But I am blogging about it anyway. Even though my husband advised me not to!)

Once upon a time, I came to a foreign land where norms and cultures differ drastically from my own. I was raised in a somewhat conservative culture, compared to the west. (Egypt compared to other Arab countries can be seen as quite open. Everything is relative, right?)
Women in Egypt can wear tight clothing as long as they don't show flesh. Or at least in some neighborhoods. We aren't known to have gender segregation as is the norm in other Arab countries.

Being gay in Egypt though, is not even to be spoken of. If you happen to be gay in Egypt then you definitely keep it in the closet. If there's a hint or suspicion. You can easily get beaten and cast out. If you drink alcohol or have premarital sex( this applies only to men) on the other hand, well lets just say, it's not considered that much of a big deal ( Drinking alcohol, engaging in homosexual relations and premarital sex are all major sins in Islam.)

That said-I have never openly seen a gay person before ( I mean sure there were a lot of rumors and speculations about certain people we knew. But no one could freely come out as a gay person) until I came to this country.

After I had my first born, I started attending a new mommies group in Madison WI. Amongst the mommies, there were two gay mommy couple. Needless to say I was shocked! And to add to my confusion- all the other mommies embraced the couple immediately, and were appalled by how they were mistreated ( discriminated against, if you will) by their own parents. I didn't know of any other way to think at the time except to agree with the parents and ricochet their thoughts: the little poor baby is going to definitely be messed up for life. Two mommies raising a baby ( that can't be normal!)

This was me three summers ago. I don't hold that opinion anymore. After discussions upon discussions with my ever so patient, American husband. I have come around ( and if you're an Egyptian reading this, don't roll your eyes yet. I'm explaining my point in a second)
How many kids do you know got raised by their aunts, grandma's, or other women in the absence of a father and turned out just fine? Even more, how many kids got raised by a single parent and turned out swell? ( Are you getting my point. Not really... Oh well, I tried)

What I'm trying to say is- being gay doesn't by default make one a bad parent. Actually there are many horrible straight parents out there that without doubt mess up their kids.

( for the record I don't approve of Homosexual relationships. As I mentioned earlier it's prohibited in Islam.)

Being gay doesn't mean you're a bad parent or person for that matter. A gay person is a human being. He/she can be a good parent or a bad one. That's what I have come to realize after living in this country. (Traveling and living in a different country is a good thing. It opens up the mind in ways you can never imagine. If you've never done it. Try it. You can only gain. Trust me.)

Yesterday, was, I guess the National Gay Pride Parade day. If I had only known!

So I was minding my own business, and clueless-ly walking around dressed in an Arabian style black "Abaya" ( a traditional flow-y dress like garment that Arabian women wear) and a white beaded head scarf ( apparently screaming for attention, since most people in the street were half naked. I seriously thought there was a beach event somewhere 'cause people were wearing what seemed to my untrained eyes like some sort of an ostentatious, swimwear costume.)

As I was pushing my big red, double, jogging stroller, with both my girls strapped inside. Two obviously gay men, appeared in front of me. Dressed in super tight, super short, super sparkly, hot shorts. Complimented by a tight t-shirt, bunched up in the middle of their chests, with an eighties style big knot. Resulting in a view of way too much skin than I care to see.

One of them jumped really close to me. Made a wailing girl-y hand movement while breaking a high pitched shriek, then hopped back next to his partner.( I guess he was pretending to be scared of me or something, who knows?) I freaked out for a second, but managed to keep my cool. Later, I learned that it was Gay Pride Parade day. Go figure!

Here's the thing. I am not against someone being gay. I can relate somehow, since they're a minority and I have experienced being a minority in this country.

I will add by saying that (God forbids) But, if one of my girls turned out to be gay. I would without hesitation embrace her. I know It will be very disappointing, because it would mean a pretty different life with a big challenge for us both( May God protect us). But nonetheless she's still my daughter.

Being gay doesn't contradict with being a Muslim. One can be Muslim and Gay. But not act on it. ( According to Islamic law- It's forbidden for a male or female gay person to get married to the opposite sex or any sex for that matter, because it would be unfair to the other person. I know that because I read it in *Hedaya Hartford's Islamic marriage book.)

What I am against is going out in public and provoking people. I know I am probably failing drastically at conveying a lot of points. And I will never succeed at doing so.
So here's an article doing a much better job at some of what I'm trying to convey. Here's a cynical and exaggerated one by the onion.

I'm pretty sure I should've taken my husbands advice. I just wanted some to see the picture through the other perspective.

I'll end with a quote my husband said, in response to a question asked by a Gay listener. He was giving a talk about Islam in an Unitarian Church in Madison WI.

"Homosexual acts, are prohibited in Islam, and are sinful. But Disobeying one's parents is a much bigger sin."




I apologize, if I have offended anyone. This post was meant as a reflection on unfamiliar encounters. It is not aimed at/ or meant to offend anyone.

I also apologize for my poor writing skills. I should've edited and re-edited, and I keep seeing all these mistakes. Alas, what's done is done. I don't have time for a better quality piece. Sorry!


*Hedaya Hartford

Known for her Sharia expertise on women's issues regarding the fiqh of menstruation, lochia, marriage, divorce, and modern social issues, Ustadha Hedaya holds a B.A. in Arabic and Islamic History & Culture from the University of California, Berkeley. She converted to Islam in 1981, and soon after traveled to Egypt, where she studied for many years with Azhari scholars. She continued her studies in Syria, completing several books with top scholars, and now lives, teaches, and studies in Amman. Ustadha Hedaya has published two popular books on marriage and one book on women’s fiqh issues.

( copied from her bio. on Sunnipath)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I've been doing...

I haven't been sewing or cooking or cleaning for that past week I pretended to be fixing my computer. Nope. I was just breathing.

Taking walks down at the millennium park with a particular charming man of mine.

I've also been::

Thinking about projects in my head, and watching a lot of threadheads youtube videos.

Browsing the rules of the road manual. In hope of renewing my permit, so I can get that stubborn, license of mine!

Eating dinners out, in the yard, with the girls. Visiting parks, street fairs and garage sales.

Indulging in some green and blacks, sipping hot teas and reading this fantastic book and dreaming about chocolate covered coconut macaroons. ( recipe included in the book)

( Amongst other unpleasantness not worth mentioning. The unpleasantness meaning during that week. Not the book. Oh nooooo!)

Tomorrow, I have a dusty house to clean, bread to make, a written test to take, and hopefully some craft time with that lonesome, old sewing machine of mine.

What have you been doing?


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shall we begin?

My sad, saturated computer sits, quietly by the wall, atop that small Ikea table of his... waiting.

I know I promised. But I tend to take my time on things. In case you haven't noticed yet, how many times I promised to blog about something, or do something and casually dropped it and never spoke of it again. This one is similar only I decided to speak of it... Again!

What's the problem if I can still share blog entries with you? You might thoughtfully ask.

Well * clearing my throat while puffing my chest, casually*- Almost four years ago ( which is more than the intended lifetime for devices like this one. They're built to be replaced every 2 years or so) I bought one of them fancy dual operating systems. Since I was a windows user for like ever. I still knew at heart how cool and awesome Macs are. I decided on a compromise.

So my faithful, ever so patient, Double operator Mac, came home with me one summer with no complaints. Over a period of- lets say six months. I found my self completely head over heels with the Mac side, never to look behind. Then Came my first winter in this country along with my first born. And so the journey began- net surfing along with tagging, saving, researching and saving some more, accumulated in my precious hard drive. Add to that the excitement and hovering of two first time parents. The oohing and the aahing complimented by endless photographs of the tiniest little movements: Look! she's yawning, or sleeping or simply being a baby. All caught on camera and stored somewhere in there. ( If I can retrieve them that is! He's pretty mad with me I tell you).

Then came baby number two exactly one year and ten months after. So rewind without erasing any of the above. You may want to add actually some more photos.
After my second girl was born. I got pretty overwhelmed. You know being a mom of two babes under two, away from home in a new country for the first time, and away from my mom n all. I needed some sanity. So along came a new passion of observing/documenting/photography and sewing if you will.

So, stored in this stubborn little machine of mine :: patterns, bookmarked websites, hundreds of photographs, music and what have you. Remember my bag dump situation- Similar only this I can't make a cozy for to fix it. To add assault to injury, there's a whole other side that has more junk that is not even being used( remember the double operating system. Did I completely loose you ?)
As a result of all the nonsense I just bored you with( Yes, I am not a computer person. And It's totally my fault and I promise I will get better. if I find an extra hour or two in the day. Promise!)
My computer is insanely slow. Also I almost every two minutes or so need to bang my key board violently so I can type. And every so often I have to restart the whole thing.

Get the picture now?
So here's the deal. Since I don't know how patient ( lazy) I can get. Don't test me. You'll be surprised. Or not, if you know me. The program will continue ( photo-less I'm afraid) Until either A. I completely loose it and drag myself out the door. Or B. Somehow miraculously everything gets fixed on its own.

For now I am left with

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time off

Computer- I am waving the white flag. You win, I surrender! I am taking you to get fixed as soon as my husband takes our car to get fixed ( God willing).

Everyone else- I am taking some time off from this space. Check on me in a week. So next Monday hopefully.

You will be missed!



Whoops... I almost forgot. Happy fathers day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

CSA Goodies

Our first CSA box finally arrived yesterday. Oh how I waited SO impatiently.

The best thing is I actually knew all the stuff that was in there( I usually encounter a couple of strange produce challenges every season, and I'm sure they're still yet to come) Except for the green garlic which I first thought was green onions, but then I read the newsletter, along with the recipe suggestions, and found out it's actually garlic. Hey I can deal with garlic. I'm a big garlic fan as a matter of fact.

Here's a list of what we currently have ( Minus the Asparagus, we finished that right up) in our fridge or on top of our counter:

Lettuce ( two kinds)
Green Garlic
Fresh Mint
White Button Mushrooms
And Fresh Organic eggs

The best thing is everything is fresh, local, organic and I know exactly which farms my produce and eggs came from. Plus I even get a picture of one of our dear local farmers tilling the lettuce fields in the news letter. These lettuce he's tilling I am eating right now. How cool is that! I love My CSA.

We had this for dinner last night along with home made bread from this book. I sure do love Asparagus. What's your favorite produce this season?

I am currently thinking about making this and this. Ah the choices!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo of the day ::

Do you know about guerrilla knitting. This one is currently hugging a bench a couple of streets away from my house. It looks like it has seen better days. But still it was real fun to see one in real life.
Have you seen one?


Did anyone notice how slick I was about changing the above mistake? What? You didn't notice? Then I don't know what you're talking about... I didn't say anything!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quilted Phone cozy tutorial ::

I am one of those people who doesn't like changing my bag often( ever!). I'm not a big fan of moving my bags' contents from one bag to the next, for the mere change of look. Instead I just use one Hobo style bag until it dies then I move on to my next victim. This means that over the years ( yes years!) of use, my bag becomes a dump. It gets a once a year spring cleaning along with the house ( oh the things I find in there. Scary stuff I tell you) To cut right to the chase. I was worried about my I-phone.Yes it too gets dumped right in the middle of this chaos I call a bag. How to protect my precious phone? A crafty solution was the answer.

Btw: It didn't turn at all like how I imagined it to be. Yet still I am quite happy with it. So I decided to share the love.

Today I am giving my first tutorial ever! It's so simple. even if you've never sewn before in your entire life you can make this. Laugh if you will. It's true ( didn't you notice whose giving the tutorial... Exactly!)

Ladies and Gents, without further Ado * drum roll*. The Quilted Super Protective Phone Cozy Tutorial::

You'll need:

A sewing machine, or needle and thread if you're doing it by hand
Fabric scraps, or fat quarters.
Left over batting ( optional)
Buttons ( optional)
Ruler, pencil or disappearing fabric marker
A cell phone.

How to:

1. On a paper bag or right on your fabric. Place your cell phone and trace with a ruler and pencil ( use disappearing marker if you're drawing right on the fabric) the shape of your cell phone. Leaving an extra inch all around. ( leave only 5/8 " if you're not quilting your cozy)

2. Fold your fabric in half and pin your paper bag cell phone pattern, then cut all around the pattern. Cut the fold open. Now you should have two rectangles. ( good job!)

3. Repeat step 2. Now you should have four rectangles! ( Hooray for all the hard work!)

4. cut two rectangles from your batting to fit your fabric.

5. Sandwich the batting between two layers of your fabric and pin around the edges. Go to your sewing machine and stitch all around the four sides.

6. Repeat step 5 with the two remaining rectangles and the batting. ( now you have the option to stitch parallel lines along your rectangle or leave it plain. I parallel stitched in one of them and left the front plain. As shown in the photo)

7. Stitch your two quilted rectangles along the three sides leaving the top for the opening.

8. Either flip it inside out for a neater look or trim the edges and use the same side for a raw contemporary look.

9. Decorate with Buttons ( Optional).

10. Slip in your phone. Dump it in your bag. No worries it's in its protective sleeve that you just handmade*Sob. Sob. I am so proud of you*. Now you're good to go.

This could make a simple father's day gift or a gift for a friend who has a similar life style like moi ( hey we really appreciate stuff like that!)

If you check on me tomorrow, I'll let you know what was in my CSA box today and what we had for dinner. ssssshhhh ( It's a secret!)

Peace *wink*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Read at your own risk series :: Pilot

Summer is kicking in, even though we are amidst some serious showers(right now) with a nice cool breeze setting in. Last night though we have officially experienced our first night of, kicking the covers off the bed while contemplating turning on the AC so we'd have a more restful less sweaty sleep.

One of the questions I get asked often by random strangers in this season is: How can you possibly wear this thing on your head? And/or Aren't you CRAZY hot? You poor thing!( The last sentence is usually a look that summons the questions)and the interesting thing is I only get asked these questions by women. ( I also get complemented about my scarves a lot by women. what can I say we're curious beings:))

To answer all you curious women out there: Yes. I am crazy hot wearing a scarf on my head. And you can't see it, but I am also sweating intensely around my neck area. Especially that it's not only hot but the humidity level in this part of the world reaches up to 90 percent. I don't mind being asked these questions by-the-way. What I do mind is the "poor you" look I get. Because I choose to wear this extra piece of material, that makes me about 3 percent more hot than you are(I hope the people who asked me these questions are reading right now, because I can never be that articulate on the spot, plus I am shy, plus, plus this person is probably not reading this because they're either in the mall where I left them or in the farmers market where I also left them! And yes I'm pretty sure it's only 3 percent. My hot-o-meter affirmed it to me). It's not a big deal. It's not easy. It's a little annoying but it's what I do because I am a practicing Muslim.

Just like because you are an ethical person who chooses to recycle or compost or support your local farmers or a number of things that can be a little annoying or not the easiest thing to do. But because you believe in it, you go a little out of your way. Maybe I am not putting it in the best context, but this is as much approximation as I can think of at this time of day after successfully putting two little people to bed (after a long day, part of which I was forced to go out in the pouring rain *which I was grateful for afterward* and splash like crazy. kids are fun!)

OK this wasn't meant to be a rant. I don't like doing that. I only like to blog about happy things. Who wants to read about this stuff. There's plenty of this stuff out there, let me not add to it. This space is to be thankful and grateful which I truly am. Alhamdulilah ( All praise to God)

Actually what started this whole thing was reading this ( I don't think she's sloppy at-all by the way. You should have seen me in my glorious teens!). And remembering how in my pre-scarf wearing Era, I used to like/wear the sloppy look a lot. But lets face it with a headscarf, it just looks too strange and too... well, if you will- Sloppy.
I'm pretty sure I confused all of my non-Muslim readers. But then, yet again I'm pretty sure my Muslim-readers aren't in a better shape themselves. If you have questions you can email me or just leave me a comment.

For now this is all I have for you. A read at your own risk, and from the title you might have figured, there might be more to come. We'll see won't we.



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loving (with unrelated road trip photos, 'Cause why not?)::

The fact that in 3 days or so, I'll be having fresh loaves of bread every day for about a week. Do you remember this book. I received it as a gift from the cutest/sweetest woman ever for my birthday. Thank you! It was recommended by the wonderful Lauren. If she recommends anything I make sure to check it out, and I never regret it.

Grabby's two new emerging bottom teeth. CUTE!

Grabby's stick-y up-y hair style. She totally has a Mohawk. (Heart!)

Mei's interest in absolutely anything and her stating the obvious questions and statements. Here are a few::

Are you wearing rectangle glasses, mama?
Mama are you, Mad? ( I was pretty mad with her then she asked this, and I tried to keep a straight face)
Mama is it Yummy soup? ( I sure hope so)
Everyone, It's night time!
Baba's lost ( he was not in the room)
And last but not least...
Road trip, woo hoo. ( she says it in a statement like manner. Imagine the most boring uninteresting tone you can use for an enthusiastic statement like that. and that's why It just cracks me up!)

The beach.

Dandelions. If you point them out to Mei she'll say. "What does the dandelions say, mama?" without waiting she'll say "RAAA!" (get it? Dande-Lions) I love her!

My sewing machine ( oh how I missed it)

This song. ( it makes me smile and cry at the same time. It is in Arabic. Just so you know)

My new banner display Photo ( It came out really nice. I think! I like how I praise myself often. Oh well!)

What is making you smile these days?


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mini Vacation

My husband spent most of the months of April and May planning for a longish road trip with me and the girls. The plan was to drive from Chicago to Seattle and back in three weeks. Stopping enough in between for wood cabin camping, sightseeing, and hiking. The idea was if we planned for the driving time( from one place to the next) to be four hours max, we wouldn't hate ourselves/ our daughters in the process and maybe actually succeed at having a good time.
Due to unforeseen circumstances our plans were canceled ( and completely changed).

We ended up driving to the upper peninsula( By the Canadian border and Michigan state) and spending three*( edit: one night we got eaten alive by giant mosquitoes and fled the place as soon as we got packed) nights at a rustic wood cabin right by the lake. The place was enchanting if you subtract the mosquitoes. The cabin was set where guests had to walk a mile from the parking spot to reach the cabin. The walk would've been lovely if we didn't have all the extra packing for a toddler and a baby. And yes I said it before. But the mile walk, was the best chance for a full force attack by those nasty blood suckers ( what ? they are blood suckers... and nasty!)

What you've just read so far was as much explanation as I am willing to share for my short disappearance ( I didn't advertise it in advance because: I suffer a disturbing disease called paranoia- I am convinced that if I mentioned this on my blog. The one random crazy person amongst you dear readers, who by now has successfully deciphered all my information"that I haven't displayed for the same exact reason btw" including my home address. Would have the complete ingredients for a quick stop n rob, leave a creepy note and dash, while me and the family are clueless-ly vacationing somewhere in the northern woods! I make up stories like that in this twisted little brain of mine A LOT! I can even visualize them. I know- too much TV. If it's any consolation I don't currently own one. I know people like me shouldn't be allowed to write a blog and post it to the world. Are you still reading? how about I throw in a couple more lines just for fun. Annd... you're gone!)

For all of you who are still here... As a reward( Punishment?) here are some vacation photos::

This was taken during the godforsaken mile hike to and back from the cabin. As we were being heavily attacked, Mei yelled " No mosquitoes. It's not nice! Not the face!" and this summons our walk

Wood stash for the wood stove( it kept us warm and toasty during a night time temperature fall to the thirties)

This water fall (as I was told by my mountain loving/mountain climbing father in law) makes a wonderful climb when frozen in the winter.

My first time ever to try Smores. They're wonderful, but I must say I like the below treat better.Which one do you like more?

The cabin overlooked this. It looks peaceful here... but beware! here lies thousands if not more of about to hatch horrid mosquitoes.

They kept a cabin's log, and I had a kick reading some of the entries. The best one was this mom of a potty training toddler who pooped all over the floor and some more in the lake. Eww. but yet again Hillarious! This is a drawing of our family including a sad me under mosquito attack.

ICE-O-CREAM-O. Need I say more?

My man, being a man( he did some serious wood chopping)

One of my favorite ( and least favorite for my hubby) things about camping. Cooking on that tiny little burner.

Did I make it up to you?

Believe it or not. I am actually going to share more photos in the coming days.


For all you awesome sewers reading my blog. ( I know at least 5): check out the side bar. I added lots of (other people's) tutorials.

For everyone: It came to my attention ( thank you *Uncle you know who you are*) I realized I spell my made up 7 months old name to sound like "GRABE-Y". I am officially adding a second "B" in the spelling. I'm pretty sure she grabs things, and doesn't Grabe them ( whatever that means).

Thank you for your patience. I think this is officially my longest post ever. Kudos on making it to the end.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'll be back (Arnold style!)

I know I disappeared for a week or so before yesterday's post, and I will be disappearing some more. I should be here ( god willing) with my regular posts once more starting next Monday. I will make it up to you by some fun photos hopefully ( my computer is still stubborn).
Leaving you with a summertime favorite, performed by a super sweet little girl
Till then...Toodles

Peace !

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Sometime this month is our 5 year Wedding Anniversary. I say sometime, because I honestly can't remember the exact date. And since women are the date keepers of stuff like that. We ended up not celebrating our anniversary (ever). Not that I want to or feel that I'm missing out or anything. The truth is neither me nor my husband cares that much. Also it was slightly confusing to keep track of the date since we had something like three weddings (sorta- long story that I don't have time to share at the moment). So life is slightly easier not having to worry about something like that. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for special occasions and celebrations. And I am indeed very happy I married my (God willing) life long partner. It's just not our thing at the moment, maybe we'll pick a random date and make it our anniversary and start celebrating it in the future. maybe not... but for now, this works.

I know anyone who knows us (me and my beloved spouse) or has been to our Egyptian wedding by a boat on the Nile, either heard or experienced the story I'm about to share. I am typing this for all you (what five people?) that haven't heard this. As my own distorted way of celebrating our anniversary.

*Note:: we had a nontraditional Egyptian wedding where we segregated (Egyptians don't segregate. At the time we were trying to have a somewhat Islamic wedding) the men' s party was on a moving boat, while the women' s party was at a stationary bigger party boat.

This story occurred at the men' s boat. I was told about it later...

(Skipping the uninteresting part)... So after everyone boarded. The boat was on the move along with the wedding party. The sail boat wasn't equipped to host parties which meant they didn't have any means of warming the food, so the men got served cold roasted lamb, rice and drinks. Ideally we wanted a traditional Sufi poetry reciter for entertainment, but ended up with more tradition than we cared for.
The turban wearing, upper Egyptian poetry reciter was (like all Egyptians) obsessed with microphones. So our beloved guests, some of whom had very sensitive musical ears that might have been irreversibly damaged, got to listen to incredibly distorted poetry recitation blasted through speakers on the highest volume that you can imagine (remember, they were on a moving boat in the middle of the Nile). While all the while thinking it can't get any worse- something happened: Unannounced- our dear guests started noticing strange behavior from the sailors. The sailors were bringing down the sails, then lying flat on their bellies. Looking ahead, one of the guests realized the disaster about to happen. He immediately shouted : "LOW BRIDGE!!!". In a frenzy of flying plates, glasses, and silverware, everyone ( miraculously) managed to duck in time. A poor lonely coca cola bottle that was abandoned, on one of the tables, amidst all the chaos, didn't make it. The guests watched the fate of the bottle, as it flew overboard, hitting the water surface with a frightening SPLASH, all the while thinking this could have been their exact fate.

So there we finally did it. A promise of decapitating all our guests on our wedding night.
As for my dad, some might wonder. Well lets just say he was a good sport-he did allow two inexperienced people to plan their first (and only) wedding. He is embarrassed to this very day ( I never mention my wedding in front of him, EVER!).
My twin sister made it up for him at her wedding though. She gave him a 500 guests, western band, belly dancer, well lets just say the whole nine yards shabang.

For what it's worth, at least we have a cool decapitation story to tell our kids someday. Don't you agree?

A very happy Anniversary to my hubby, whatever the date may be. I am truly one lucky woman. Thank you for those amazing five years, and two gorgeous, sweet, little girls. I love you.

To everyone else:: don't worry we only get married once ( sorta- As I said it's another story)

FYI: I searched the internet for what might resemble a photo for the men' s boat but couldn't find any. Instead I came across a photo of the same boat I had the girl's party at.