Monday, February 28, 2011


This post is dedicated to my significant other... scenes from around the house

Mei cooked tonight:

We ate something else *smile*

(2011 has been an eventful year from day one, and we just finished February. I wonder what's left in store?) 

Pray for peace.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Donations needed!

I know I said this won't turn into another political space... I just couldn't turn my back on this one:

World Medical Camp for Libya: charity to respond to the urgent medical needs in Libya

I am writing you today to ask for your help in addressing what has now become an unbearable situation in Libya, where for the past week we have seen unrelenting military attacks undertaken against innocent and unarmed Libyan civilians. As a recent Foreign Policy article indicated, "Libyans are painfully aware of the fact that their country does not attract nearly the same level of interest as Egypt or Iran [...]. This, despite the fact that the Qaddafi regime has been in power significantly longer than nearly any other autocratic system, during which time it has proved itself among the world's most brutal [...].”

Eyewitness reports to this effect are already trickling in from Libya, and the death toll appears to be slowly mounting with reports of nearly 300 casualties. Though growing, regrettably, international attention has thus far been minimal and action to stop the violence has been non-existent.

We are a group of Libyans who have established a UK registered charity called the World Medical Camp for Libya (WMCL) to respond to the urgent and immediate medical needs in Libya. With such high civilian targeting and limited physical access permitted for support agencies, we know that these needs are critical. Sources on the ground have reported that the situation is dire with hospitals in Benghazi and elsewhere in Eastern Libya lacking the basic medical supplies and equipment to treat the injured and wounded.

We currently have $50,000 USD worth of donated medical supplies and arrangements are being made for a convoy to transport these much-needed supplies from Libya by road via the Egyptian border which has recently been opened. This current run will allow us to deliver aid directly to hospitals in Benghazi as well as to other eastern towns including Derna, Bayda, and Tobruk, where reports have been received of a greater number of injuries. We will use a wide network of well-established local contacts in Marsa Matrouh (at the Egyptian border) and Tobruk who are experienced in the logistics of transporting cargo across the border into Libya. Representatives on the ground are currently receiving the medical supplies in Egypt and coordinating the transport arrangements so the supplies may be delivered as soon as possible. The representatives will also lead the convoy until its final delivery points within Libya and identify additional needs.

These efforts to provide medical humanitarian aid to Libya need to continue and we appeal to you for urgent, cash and in-kind donations. Kindly find attached a detailed list of required items and equipment required by the hospitals, compiled with doctors and nurses in the hospitals in Libya. With the news of more and more disproportionate and lethal attacks on an unarmed civilian population being reported on an hourly basis, we would respectfully implore you to treat to our appeal for assistance with the required urgency and expedition.

For cash donations, please find the following banking details:
World Medical Camp Libya,
Sort Code: 400327, A/c No.: 52062666,
IBAN: GB77MIDL40032752062666

Please contact Ekram El-Huni (ekramelhuni at hotmail dot com) if you require further clarification or have any questions.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Libya on my mind...

I haven't been blogging much because... well because of many reasons. Other than the fact that we are still in the process of figuring out a routine and finding schools...etc. There's just been too much important stuff going on in the world. I don't want to change this space into another political blog. This space is about escaping and documenting this moment in time, well at least remembering the pleasant moments. And for the past month it has been anything but.

I can't bring myself to write about our family during these hard times when so many families are suffering right now. Libya is at the top of my concern list at the moment. They are ruled by a world renowned lunatic, and he added Monster to his endless list of titles. May God protect the Libyan people and bring freedom and tranquility soon to their land (and all other lands with their people currently bravely and patiently AND peacefully standing up against corruption and tyranny) Amen.

Documenting will resume hopefully soon. For now I am too consumed with other things. Pray for the people. They are very brave.

Follow exclusive Libya news here.

 "Every Pharaoh has a sea waiting for him" Imam Suhaib Webb.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egyptians are plain awesome

 photo credit: Mohammad Saladin Nusair


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Times... they are a changin...

Hello friends,

 (photo credit: Inge Warga)

They painted the sidewalk of the famous pyramids street in Egypt's flag color, they are having seminars to educate the regular people (like myself) about political issues, the constitution...etc

New emerging Egyptian lingo (copied from twitter): Positive:
Enta Gamed Tahrir = you're Tahrir cool.
Waheshny mozaharat = I miss you as massive as protests man.
enta gamed 25 haga = You're awesome like 25 jan.

Enta wad agenda = You're an agenda dude.
Enta fakes Kentucky = You're Kentucky shameful.  (you know coz the government was giving out KFC boxes to bribe pro Mubarak protesters)


I definitely feel like I'm missing out. I do feel like my humble contribution is taking care of my family, especially my slowly-stress-recovering-babes. We are staying with my in-laws in Madison/WI for the time being, everyone here has been more than wonderful, changing their lives and routines to accommodate our family. We are truly blessed.
My husband is honoring his one year teaching contract and flying back to my free Egypt tomorrow... I am jealous, sad, excited and nervous all at the same time. He is looking forward to experiencing a new Egypt (although we still have a long way to go) and re-uniting with his post revolution students.

So my girls and I are hoping Egypt will accept this very small offer (big to our family) of staying with out our rock for the coming five months. I would fly back with him in a blink, if we haven't been hopping three continents for the past two weeks. The girls are the ones who are suffering at the moment and they need to settle down.

So here are some shots from our settling down process:


Friday, February 11, 2011

Fallen heroes

Let us take a moment amidst all the celebration to remember our fallen heroes. 300 killed and 5000 injured. The death toll keeps going up. (amongst the fallen is an 8 year old boy)
Please recite al fatiha for their souls, may God give them the highest ranks in paradise amin.

Egypt remembers.


Allahu Akbar!

God is Great!

To all my Egyptian brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents and children...  YOU DID IT!!!

Congratulations. Mubarak resigned.

 Thank you to all of the readers who followed, my family who supported us, got us out of danger, called the white house, and prayed and prayed for us and most of all for Egypt. We are free today because of the courage and perseverance of the amazing people of Egypt and because of all who believed in us, and helped in any  way possible. Even by just following our news. 
Thank you.

We still have a long way to go but this definitely feels like a victory. You have witnessed a glimpse of what we had to deal with for the past thirty years. Today we celebrate.

This blog's usual posts will resume.

Again, thank you.

Keep praying for peace *smile*

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am still on Cairo time. I haven't changed any of my devices to U.S time yet. I left my heart there last Wednesday. And I am really jealous of all the people back home experiencing this historic moment. All my friends (even nursing mommies) and cousins are there, at the heart of Tahrir square... waiting. Mubarak is to speak in a few hours, and rumors have been circulating since last night that he'll be stepping down tonight.
Pray with us. Pray for a better Egypt. Pray for our freedom.

And pray for peace...


....and he spits on our faces!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

News and Links

To all you lovely people who have been following my crazy little world recently, here's one more crazy news for you. We are back in frozen land, where your eyeballs can actually hurt from sub zero winds hitting your face... and I thought I was never going to see snow this winter, ha!

We once again hit the skies and after a sixteen hour flight made it to the opposite side of the globe,  to America's heart land. The girls are jet lagged and happy if the two dare mix, the grown ups are jet lagged and relieved. So...on with today's revelotion links, 'cause you know I'm Egyptian 'n all, and if fate would allow it, I would be at the heart of Tahrir Square in a blink of an eye (well maybe more like a sixteen hour flight plus stops plus another four plus some rest, then voila.)

Today's article pick is revolution logistics... just in case you're curious.

Today's youtube inspirational video is *Wael Ghoneim's interview. You need to speak Arabic for this one, but if you don't, I'm pretty sure his energy and sincerity still crosses language barriers. Here's a very good piece about the interview in English.

And finally my music pick of today is this:


Completely off point. I received a couple of comments on how to follow my blog. Here's how:

On your left hand side of the screen, on the very top of the blog page you will find the following: A search bar for blogger, followed by a 'follow' button that you can click on if you wish to follow me, followed by a share button... etc. I hope this was useful. (btw once you follow me, you will not see it on my blog page because I don't display my followers. I find it to be awkward to show off the people who want to read my updates. I hope you are not offended. That's just how I roll*smile*)

Pray for Egypt.

Pray for peace.


*Wael Ghoneim is Google's Middle east executive. Got abducted on Jan 28th by the Egyptian police, and was kept blindfolded in isolation for twelve days until his release two days ago.  After his release he spoke on an Egyptian Satellite channel to inspire people and tell his story/ the revolution's story. Right after the airing of his interview, Tahrir square witnessed the biggest turnover since the beginning of the revolution.


Just realized the English Wael Ghoneim article has an English subtitled video of the whole interview. A must watch.

Friday, February 4, 2011


What are Egyptians at home saying

I am posting this so you get a feel of Egypt through the majority of it's people not in Tahrir square but in their homes. Waiting... exchanging opinions on Facebook.

I never thought a day that i would be pushing a baby out and hearing gunshots at the same time would ever exist...

prefers freedom over a false sense of security or so-called stability.
It would be a great honour for the people who were brutally killed in the past week when they peacefully vocalised their opinion, when we are able to say: it was because of them that we stand here today, free to express our thoughts and opinions
Now that all media and foreigners are out of Tahrir, what do they have planned which they don't want the world to see? Should people reconsider?
 Scared for what's going to happen tomorrow....
mohammed hossam didn't come back since yesterday from tahrir square plz if u know anyone in tahrir square and can look for him plz do and call his sister May Hossam 0111434341
share plzzz
YES to Reform, YES to true Democracy, and NO NO NO to Resignation. Thank you Mr. President for letting us live in peace for 30 years, I have no idea what the word "war" really means because of You, Thank you for not letting a foreign country set their base in Egypt.Thank you for not leaving us in such hard times. You came to office as a hero and will leave as a hero. Please accept ALL my appreciation and respect..
A response to the above from another friend:
Mubarak didn't serve the country for 30 years. The country served *him* for 30 years. Call things as they are.
 I'm about to go in labor!! is this guy for real..hawlid khalas!!! JUST STEP DOWN.. Can I sue hosni for triggering early labor?
So very very proud!
Pray for peace.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A tribute...

for my brothers and sisters rising right now in Egypt and sister countries:

Pray for Egypt. Tomorrow is the March of Salvation Friday. May God protect the people marching tomorrow.

Pray for peace.

Save your brothers in Tahrir.

Don't be fooled by Mubarak's speech. Don't be the reason for lives lost in vain.
Read this:

Egypt right now!

Pray for peace.

I hope you read the link before it got suspended.

Robert Fisk

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Proud to be an Egyptian.

 burnt down cars in front of our neighborhood police station

Just witnessed a revolution. Mubarak needs to stand down immediately!

 We've been camping for the past two days at the Cairo airport, and all praise to God, we (my mother, the girls, my husband and myself) are safely out of the country, staying with my sister at the U.A.E and should be flying back to America in a few days inshaAllah.

The situation is very volatile right now. Mubarak succeeded in diving the public opinion into two groups, exchanging posts on facebook (but not on the streets, the pro-mubarak protesters are obviously Mubarak thugs). By again his infamous fear strategy. 

By Firday night (Angry Friday) all the police force was gone. All the prisoners were let loose, and almost all of Egypt's police stations were on fire. (all the documents and police reports were burnt down)

After all the major stores, jewelery stores, banks, shopping malls, Carrefour, The Children's Cancer Hospital...etc, were completely looted. The people were fearful that the gangs would start attacking building and homes. Some buildings were robbed, I heard of one confirmed rape case.

Rumors were already spreading of the police opening the doors of prisons and letting criminals on the loose.

We were by Thursday night out of internet and Friday morning out of cell phone network. The only means of communication was through land lines, which a lot of Egyptians either don't have or no longer use. We also didn't have land line numbers for our contacts. To add to this, we (our family) had just borrowed a TV from my mother, but it wasn't hooked up yet. So no cable news.

We felt completely isolated. Curfew was in order.

By Saturday, all of Egypt's neighborhoods started organizing themselves to stand guard, and construct civilian made road blocks, and check points. The across the street mosque from us was visited by two "off duty" army men and called onto all of our neighborhood men through the speakers to come down with any weapon they own, guns, rifles, knives, sticks...anything. And stand guard because there was no sign of any police and we needed to defend ourselves from the mobs and gangs suddenly appearing in the streets.

Saturday night, was one of the worst nights I have ever experienced in my life. I could barely breathe. we saw barrels on fires rolling down our streets, several gun shots were fired. Groups of men running, and yelling "Allahu Akbar" "God is the greatest". 
We moved furniture behind doors, I filled a spray bottle (taking my mother's suggestion) with water, vinegar, lemon, and hot peppers and kept it within reach. My husband kept a walking stick with a metal handle by the side of his bed. And I truly wished I owned a gun, no not a gun a machine gun would've been better.
 army hot line number
Sunday morning, I called the friends that I could acquire their land line numbers,  EVERYONE  was scared to death. No one slept for two nights.
News of trucks and ambulance cars being captured with  hundreds of police guns.

In my cousins street they caught an ambulance with a coffin filled with police guns.

A very good friend was getting ready to go down to protect the Egyptian museum because of the news of the tampering that it suffered.

A lot of doormen women bake bread in our neighborhood, and we received a sweet gift (a big loaf of pita bread, still warm out of the oven) from one of these women who sent the gift with her five year old daughter, saying from a mother with a good heart. I believe all of our neighborhood received this sweet gift. which means a lot especially in times like these.

During the day, some local shops opened, the ful (fava beans) cart was working and there were kids playing on the street. We felt slightly safer. But knew it was just a matter of sundown.

Sunday night, one incident of gunshots around 3:00 am was heard,  we did not feel safe. We were getting ready to leave. Our family abroad got us an Egypt air ticket to Khartoum/Sudan. 

Monday morning we arrived at the airport, and waiting for five hours to learn that our flight was canceled. (if you are trying to acquire a ticket out, DON'T TRAVEL ON EGYPT AIR, they only fly from 10am to 5 pm. 'cause of curfew. They still sell tickets during curfew though!

We headed back to my mother's apartment (near the presidential palace) in misr el gedida, (My sister got us tickets to fly on Wednesday morning) and spent the night there.That night they caught two cars filled with men and guns in my mother's street. Mind you there are tanks seen everywhere in misr el gedida.

Tuesday morning we went to the airport and "set camp" at the airport. we weren't taking any chances with little ones. My mother miraculously found a spot on an earlier flight than ours, and we spent the rest of the day and night there.

This morning, we boarded the Etihad flight leaving with only a couple of carry on bags heading to Abu Dhabi, leaving behind brave men and women, elderly and children, still fighting for our freedom.

We are all safe at my sister's place right now.

A part of me wants to be back in Egypt right now. The mother in me is glad my girls are safe and out of what felt like a war zone.

I pray we can go back soon God willing.

A word is very powerful, spread the word. Mubarak to stand down immediately. Obama needs to say it too!

My next post will be dedicated to my brothers and sisters and stories and scenes of their heroism.

Down with the Tyrant and May God have mercy on us.


An American resident? Here's how you can help:

Please call the White House and demand that Obama make an unequivocal demand to Mubarak to leave and withdraw his thugs. Let's flood their phone and fax lines, people. It takes a minute of your time.
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461