Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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To all you lovely people who have been following my crazy little world recently, here's one more crazy news for you. We are back in frozen land, where your eyeballs can actually hurt from sub zero winds hitting your face... and I thought I was never going to see snow this winter, ha!

We once again hit the skies and after a sixteen hour flight made it to the opposite side of the globe,  to America's heart land. The girls are jet lagged and happy if the two dare mix, the grown ups are jet lagged and relieved. So...on with today's revelotion links, 'cause you know I'm Egyptian 'n all, and if fate would allow it, I would be at the heart of Tahrir Square in a blink of an eye (well maybe more like a sixteen hour flight plus stops plus another four plus some rest, then voila.)

Today's article pick is revolution logistics... just in case you're curious.

Today's youtube inspirational video is *Wael Ghoneim's interview. You need to speak Arabic for this one, but if you don't, I'm pretty sure his energy and sincerity still crosses language barriers. Here's a very good piece about the interview in English.

And finally my music pick of today is this:


Completely off point. I received a couple of comments on how to follow my blog. Here's how:

On your left hand side of the screen, on the very top of the blog page you will find the following: A search bar for blogger, followed by a 'follow' button that you can click on if you wish to follow me, followed by a share button... etc. I hope this was useful. (btw once you follow me, you will not see it on my blog page because I don't display my followers. I find it to be awkward to show off the people who want to read my updates. I hope you are not offended. That's just how I roll*smile*)

Pray for Egypt.

Pray for peace.


*Wael Ghoneim is Google's Middle east executive. Got abducted on Jan 28th by the Egyptian police, and was kept blindfolded in isolation for twelve days until his release two days ago.  After his release he spoke on an Egyptian Satellite channel to inspire people and tell his story/ the revolution's story. Right after the airing of his interview, Tahrir square witnessed the biggest turnover since the beginning of the revolution.


Just realized the English Wael Ghoneim article has an English subtitled video of the whole interview. A must watch.

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