Friday, February 4, 2011

What are Egyptians at home saying

I am posting this so you get a feel of Egypt through the majority of it's people not in Tahrir square but in their homes. Waiting... exchanging opinions on Facebook.

I never thought a day that i would be pushing a baby out and hearing gunshots at the same time would ever exist...

prefers freedom over a false sense of security or so-called stability.
It would be a great honour for the people who were brutally killed in the past week when they peacefully vocalised their opinion, when we are able to say: it was because of them that we stand here today, free to express our thoughts and opinions
Now that all media and foreigners are out of Tahrir, what do they have planned which they don't want the world to see? Should people reconsider?
 Scared for what's going to happen tomorrow....
mohammed hossam didn't come back since yesterday from tahrir square plz if u know anyone in tahrir square and can look for him plz do and call his sister May Hossam 0111434341
share plzzz
YES to Reform, YES to true Democracy, and NO NO NO to Resignation. Thank you Mr. President for letting us live in peace for 30 years, I have no idea what the word "war" really means because of You, Thank you for not letting a foreign country set their base in Egypt.Thank you for not leaving us in such hard times. You came to office as a hero and will leave as a hero. Please accept ALL my appreciation and respect..
A response to the above from another friend:
Mubarak didn't serve the country for 30 years. The country served *him* for 30 years. Call things as they are.
 I'm about to go in labor!! is this guy for real..hawlid khalas!!! JUST STEP DOWN.. Can I sue hosni for triggering early labor?
So very very proud!
Pray for peace.

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shannon said...

as a midwife, i appreciate the couple of posts on labor. during times of crisis my mind always goes to the pregnant and laboring moms first. subhanallah, i can't imagine. may allah give egypt tawfiq!! glad you and the family are safe!