Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recession sucks!

They want to close our small library branch, not cool. I was speaking with one of the librarians today, and she told me her son's kids come to this branch now, and he's been going since he was nine.

So we are calling, mailing, forwarding emails and trying to make our voices heard, and for me I am also praying. I for one truly experienced what a great public service libraries provide. The concept doesn't even exist in Egypt. We have what is called a library but it is a far cry from what American libraries as a system offer. If nothing else, it is a good warm place in frigid winter days for homeless people. Seriously!

Sorry about that, one needs to vent out sometimes *sigh*

Anyhoo, apparently I am hopeless. Speaking of libraries, I currently have in my possession two more ( other than the already purchased) sewing books. Hopeless I'm telling you. Also since you can't see my bookshelf, I also borrowed about five cookbooks. It is indeed a sickness. A hopeless one that is.


So I am currently planning on bending the rules of physics and making time work for me. After all time is just another creature--It is a creation of God, so maybe if I pray long enough, or actually focus more in my prayers, this little miracle will indeed happen for me. Not too much to ask eh?

Speaking of utilizing craft time, or cooking time or any time, I should probably go. Before I go though here are the pants being worn, yay. Mei's socks are coming off just so you know. My girls do have big feet but not monster big, clear?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time and space

The eternal dance between space and time...


Three days ago. 10 minute umbrella play. 

Today. 20 minute "Green Monster Soup" in the making.

30 minutes total. Meet "Art" the eggplant. He currently lives happily on our dinner table. Requested by Mei.

finished 30 minutes ago. 10 minute sewing intervals for the past two days. 2 hours in total.

I used ticking fabric" home decor fabric" it rocks as pants, so french don't you agree?



new space--we moved our dinning room in our kitchen space. ( Meet our "UFO") we now have a whole new virtually empty room for this::

And this::

 Mama, Mei and Grabby have enough space for some serious cartwheel practice. 


Monday, January 25, 2010

Ten things::

1. I totally misplaced my camera and am mildly annoyed.

2. There will be no photos for this post. Read the above.

3. This winter so far is the mildest winter yet.

4. Yet I am still struggling with seasonal blues.

5. It's also why I picked up blogging again.

6. We currently have a spaceship hovering over our dinner table. ( hopefully a future photo should explain.)

7. I absolutely and insanely lust these boots.

8. Mei now owns her own Mei sized bake ware, which is oven safe! We totally have plans by the way!

9. My new night guard is AWESOME!

10. Bought these two books, and is in the process of concocting a plan to add a 25th hour to the day.

All of you are tagged, if you have a blog go ahead and write  your "ten" down and leave me a comment with your link. Or just yell it in your partner's ears.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are you ready?

Ready or not here I come!

The usual streaming for this little nook will resume.

Stay tuned, I might have a couple of things to say, oh so very soon* wink*


Monday, January 18, 2010


This is a test, no promises, I am still debating the whole blogging thing in my head.