Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time and space

The eternal dance between space and time...


Three days ago. 10 minute umbrella play. 

Today. 20 minute "Green Monster Soup" in the making.

30 minutes total. Meet "Art" the eggplant. He currently lives happily on our dinner table. Requested by Mei.

finished 30 minutes ago. 10 minute sewing intervals for the past two days. 2 hours in total.

I used ticking fabric" home decor fabric" it rocks as pants, so french don't you agree?



new space--we moved our dinning room in our kitchen space. ( Meet our "UFO") we now have a whole new virtually empty room for this::

And this::

 Mama, Mei and Grabby have enough space for some serious cartwheel practice. 



Angelina said...

The pants are awesome + the UFO...in one day the house is transformed!

Muslim Hippie said...

Yay Angie!

A S said...

I forgot to mention...your photographs really are great. You have a very good eye.

molly said...

love those ticking pants!