Monday, January 25, 2010

Ten things::

1. I totally misplaced my camera and am mildly annoyed.

2. There will be no photos for this post. Read the above.

3. This winter so far is the mildest winter yet.

4. Yet I am still struggling with seasonal blues.

5. It's also why I picked up blogging again.

6. We currently have a spaceship hovering over our dinner table. ( hopefully a future photo should explain.)

7. I absolutely and insanely lust these boots.

8. Mei now owns her own Mei sized bake ware, which is oven safe! We totally have plans by the way!

9. My new night guard is AWESOME!

10. Bought these two books, and is in the process of concocting a plan to add a 25th hour to the day.

All of you are tagged, if you have a blog go ahead and write  your "ten" down and leave me a comment with your link. Or just yell it in your partner's ears.


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