Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recession sucks!

They want to close our small library branch, not cool. I was speaking with one of the librarians today, and she told me her son's kids come to this branch now, and he's been going since he was nine.

So we are calling, mailing, forwarding emails and trying to make our voices heard, and for me I am also praying. I for one truly experienced what a great public service libraries provide. The concept doesn't even exist in Egypt. We have what is called a library but it is a far cry from what American libraries as a system offer. If nothing else, it is a good warm place in frigid winter days for homeless people. Seriously!

Sorry about that, one needs to vent out sometimes *sigh*

Anyhoo, apparently I am hopeless. Speaking of libraries, I currently have in my possession two more ( other than the already purchased) sewing books. Hopeless I'm telling you. Also since you can't see my bookshelf, I also borrowed about five cookbooks. It is indeed a sickness. A hopeless one that is.


So I am currently planning on bending the rules of physics and making time work for me. After all time is just another creature--It is a creation of God, so maybe if I pray long enough, or actually focus more in my prayers, this little miracle will indeed happen for me. Not too much to ask eh?

Speaking of utilizing craft time, or cooking time or any time, I should probably go. Before I go though here are the pants being worn, yay. Mei's socks are coming off just so you know. My girls do have big feet but not monster big, clear?



Me said...

Welcome back ;-)
Do you knit btw? I'm a beginner and was wondering if you knew any sites/books for easy projects for beginners...

PS. LOL at the comment on monster feet LOL!!

Charlene said...

Good luck with your efforts :)

Muslim Hippie said...

Oh Me-- I am sorry for my late response. I did try my hand at knitting, and It is fantastic but I somehow didn't develop the patience for it yet. I made one scarf and one (single) fingerless glove but that's about it. I did buy (stitch and Bitch) and would absolutely recommend it despite it's unfortunate title ( i think it was meant to be cool and modern, and to be frank it is a catchy title...anyhoo) it is a great book for beginners, also if you type how to knit, or how to cast on and off or similar titles on youtube you'll find hundreds of videos if not more. Good luck and happy knitting:-)