Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy Bench Monday

My daughter is currently obsessed. Mei in case you're wondering who.

We were visited by her Grand Aunt, and my goodness! I have NEVER seen her that hooked up on someone like she is with Aunt J. It can be safely called an obsession without exaggeration.

I know this will probably heartbreak a number of very special people. But you have to understand that the girl loves Aunt J more than she love me, and I kid you not! So if you're a little heartbroken, don't worry, because I am only her mother! the one who got sleep interrupted every single night for two years-- and this is to say the least.

So aunt J. thank you for visiting, know that you have a huge fan a little south from you, and she is probably dreaming about you right now( I am a night blogger, so this post is being conveniently typed while my girls are asleep. ) Again I apologize to everyone, myself included *sob sob*

A while back I joined a flickr group called Bench Monday. The idea is to take creative Photos of benches and the like and share them on the group.

This is my contribution for this week. Happy Bench Monday everyone! If you wish to view older Bench captures by me, click here.

( A very special thanks to a very special lady who made this Bench possible, the boots and the crazy "Bench" were gifted by her)


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