Monday, February 8, 2010

A true act of selflessness!

I went to bed last night around one in the morning. I got lost again in the world wide web. It is indeed a very tricky place... you see, it has all these side alleys and nooks that keep taking you further and further down, until you are deeper than you thought possible.  The next thing you know-- you're all tangled up and paralyzed.

Naturally, as soon as I finally manage "to find my way back home" and set my head on the pillow, Grabby decides it's midnight snack time. I sit up for another 15 minutes then set her down in her crib, and go back to trying to sleep. Before five minutes pass Grabby starts making weird gagging noises. So one more time I get up and this is when it happens... next thing I know I am covered in Grabby's earlier dinner along with her midnight snack-- noooooot a pretty sight, or smell!

So erase the first sentence from the very top, and lets try again...

Last night I went to bed around three thirty in the morning. I was not happy.
And this morning I woke up around six thirty in the morning. I was not happy either.

It is one hour before midnight right now. Both my eyes are bloodshot red (especially my right one-- there's this big red circle of clustering veins right by the corner of my iris and it stings people! it really really stings) I know you probably have no sympathy for me right now, since obviously I am doing this to myself. But you might have a slight amount of sympathy if you know that I am here because I care about you, and because I am not selfish and because I wanted to share something I enjoyed tonight with you (Am I getting some sympathy now? not yet... you'll decide when you hear it you're saying... okay! man you're a tough crowd) It's true. I watched this super entertaining movie tonight and it was awesome. Did you know that I like sports movies? well now you do.
Did any of you go to a roller derby game before? (just curious)

Anyhoo, here's my selfless act. Now go rent it or netflix it if you haven't seen it already! ( did I win your sympathy yet?...c'mon!)

Annnd you're welcome!


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