Thursday, February 11, 2010

brain dump and a recipe

One of the things my writing instructor tells us in the class is to write. Just keep writing as much as we can. Follow our ideas and see where they take us by dumping them on paper. Regardless if it is good or bad writing. The idea is to get practice at listening to your self, and generate ideas. I don't think I have a problem about dumping my brains out. I also don't have a problem about sharing my poor writing skills with the world. (Hello blog) I was hoping to improve my actual writing. I am a little frustrated right now with my class. I have to say I am learning a lot though-- I am just afraid it is not exactly the direction I was hoping for the class to take me. I mean I am not trying to get published. I just want to write well.
Also most of my classmates are like awesome writers. about 75% of them are working on a novel or a novella and took the class to get some help with that. I feel a little incompetent right now... and frustrated.

I think I am mainly frustrated at the "no impact man documentary" I just watched. Somehow the director of the movie managed to take one of the most interesting topics/experiments, and turn it into a lame reality show. As my husband put it, they included all the feel-y part of the experiment and left out all the practical, how they are doing it part, which is what we were interested in. Also discussing unrelated topics: how No impact man didn't want another child but his wife did-- was not only irrelevant but too private/personal and made me feel uncomfortable watching it (I mean it is non of my business really). It was disappointing. It did make me want to never ever forget my re-usable shopping bags. Also we might try going without electricity once a week... or once a month. It needs planning though. I blogged about wanting to try the experiment for a week. But it never worked out. First I forgot to do it when the challenge started (I blame my mommy brain. I have to blame someone!), and second I was homesick and didn't feel like adding assault to injury.

I feel like this blog post is a little too negative for my "trying-to-make-it-better" usual, so I'll end with last night's promised dinner recipe.

Below you will find a full description of how to reproduce our very easy, super fast and incredibly delicious dinner. Plus very strange food photos. Ready?

(note to self: take food photos at the beginning not the end of the meal)

Kofta flavored meatballs:


one pound ground beef (I used grass fed organic beef from whole earth meats: organic grass fed meats slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, even though it's not mentioned on their website. We happen to know because it's our friend's business) Chicago residents, do check it out!

one small onion (finely chopped)

half a bunch parsley ( finely chopped)

one tablespoon tomato paste

one jar pasta sauce (your favorite brand or homemade)

spices to taste (nutmeg, sweet paprika, cardamon, oregano, sat and pepper)

What to do with all this stuff:

mix everything together except for the pasta sauce. Shape the meat into meatballs place on a deep baking dish cover with pasta sauce and let cook covered in a 375 degree oven, or over a stove top in a covered pot. Cook for half an hour or until your meat is done. (no pink colored meat from the inside)

Dump over cooked spaghetti, and wait for your husband and two kids to lick their plates clean.

Simple, quick and delicioso.

The left over uncooked meat was covered with a plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator, and then taken out and shaped into traditional Kofta shape and cooked for tonight's dinner. I served it with rice, peas and salad.

What did you have or are planning to have for dinner?


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