Friday, February 12, 2010

Let your cheesiness shine!

...add insult to injury, not assault to injury-- is what I was told by my American-expression-checker. (this is from yesterday's blog just so you know) So there corrected!

 I originally wanted to share the above photo's recipe ( Egyptian style spinach with yellow split peas) if it had tasted authentic enough to me. It didn't... it was good, but not what my taste buds were expecting. So instead what you get today is the above photo of said dish, along with a bomb (trust me), and some prepping up for *a celebration of love.

Without further a due... le bombe::
(pecan cinnamon rolls from the five minute book using the brioche dough)
Let me tell you, if you want to gain about five pounds in one sitting, make yourself "le bombe" weez a frrrench 'accent!-- yes this is what I am calling this from now on... it was gooooood!

CE-LE-BRATE YOUR LOVE... C'MON! (I need to add a music symbol here but don't know how!)

(paper heart garland, cut by kitchen scissors and sewn together by my super cool machine)

*OK just so we're clear. As a super cool rebellious teenager, I was appalled by the idea of valentine's. I thought all my friends who wore red that day, and all the girls who received big flower bouquets and cheesy big teddy bears were LAME! They were just being brain washed by "THE MAN' tricking them into naming a special day for celebrating something that should be celebrated everyday without all the cheesiness around it. I take it back and I apologize to all my friends that I rolled my eyes at when seeing them dressed in red, all the ones that got excited and giddy for all the flowers and giant heart balloons around them. Those paper hearts are for them and for your dear readers. There's obviously a truth to my cool rebellious teenage mind. But you know what... this is the one commercial celebration that I don't mind at all... in fact I will also celebrate our Egyptian one next year which is on Nov.  4th btw. Because there is no harm in spreading love or cheesy love around. What is wrong with that? 
So let the cheesiness begin!

Happy valentine weekned everyone!

See you Monday:)

Peace and Love.


Yasmine said...

how many sticks of butter are in those cinnamon rolls?!!!

itto said...

salam sister,
that looks so yummy!!! I would love to taste... and I like your heart-garland even though I boycott Valentines...

Muslim Hippie said...

Yasmine- Don't ask about the butter! With something like "Le Bombe" one needs to eat it and then find the nearest Gym and dedicate a good two hours for a week to burn all that stuff down. In my case Viva la breastfeeding calorie burning:) It;s not as heavy as cinnabon just so you know.

Itto, please come and join us:)
Valentine's for me is about spreading love, not necessarily couples love. Grabby points at the garland and says: Heart! That's enough for me:)

Traumkraut said...

the spinach looks very yummi. I love spinach :-)

Love from here to you

Muslim Hippie said...

Traumkraut- I'll post the spinach recipe once i get then authentic Egyptian taste right.(i love spinach too).

A big heart right back at you:) (btw, I enjoyed browsing thru your blog and I'm in love with all your felt creations)