Monday, February 15, 2010

I didn't...

...cook today--we ate left overs.

...take any pictures-- no inspiration.

...cut my nails-- can't find my nail scissors (I have a bad scissor mojo so it seems)

...listen to any music today-- I just didn't.


Here are some links just because:

How cute is this?

This is awesome on so many levels.

I love this print.

Mei's current favorite song. ( I am so making the girls the wings in the video inshaAllah)

I love everything in this shop.

I never watched the winter Olympics before (they weren't aired in Egypt) and I don't know a lot of the sports involved, but I am enjoying watching some of them this year. If you don't own a TV like us you can catch them here. ( also is it just me or are all these suicidal sports? My heart goes out to the luger's family.)

Middle-East meets Far-East. Check out this innovative Arabic Calligrapher if you're not familiar with his work already. ( this one says Allah al Adheem: God the Greatest)


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