Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things that cut things

I need to buy more scissors, it seems like I am always looking for scissors. I have one Fabric scissor that is forbidden for any other purpose, one fabric serrated scissor and one smaller scissor for other endeavors. The last one is the one I seem to be looking for all over the place. (Yes-- to answer your surfacing question. This post so far is about scissors. I don't have a plan for today's post, so scissors is what came up right now.) Where was I? oh yes, loosing my one scissor. You see if you have kids, you'll need to cut things around often. And you're kids will try to cut things themselves too, unfortunately kid friendly scissors stink. They shouldn't be called scissors because scissors cut things-- these things just make you annoyed and are more likely to frustrate your three year old to a tantrum. So I cut things with my grown up-y scissor, and then I go about hiding it. And naturally I forget where I hid it, so next thing you know I am making paper hearts with the kitchen scissors. So as I said from the start I need more scissors, one can never have too many scissors or chocolate is what I say.

I also need a pizza cutter. I don't have one, and for some reason I think the year 2010 is the year where I try my hand at making home made pasta-- yup, including the actual pasta dough thingy. And since I don't want to buy one of 'em fancy shmancy pasta making contraptions, I will be content with a rolling pin and a pizza cutter to do the job.


You probably (hopefully!) noticed that I changed my template-- got bored from my old one. I am not yet at home with this one, but it'll do for now. I am actually thinking about moving my whole self into another virtual place, but this will need some time. And this week has proven to be a rather challenging one in this department. So the dotty thing is what me and you get for now.

Here are some photos from today, because apparently I took fifty of them. How is this possible? I keep on asking myself, so go ahead and ask with me::

::A foot of snow on the ground they say, how are my east coast readers doing? I know you guys probably win!

::Brioche-- from the five minute book. (I almost had a heart attack while preparing this one-- the dough wouldn't rise for over five hours. Apparently our house was on the cool side, so some sitting next to a warm oven didn't harm)

:: and here is why I have fifty photos from today.

:: "the question is: are you a cry baby?"

:: a too late shot, recipe' included tomorrow (God willing)

:: Mei's grocery shopping list from top to bottom:: a singing gate, broccoli, pasta, tantrums, one rainbow to be exact, biscuits, and princess things.

:: click.



added part: I just re-read my blog after just publishing to make sure *things make sense. Here's what I learned about myself just now ::

1. *they don't (sorry about that)
2.  I need more vocabulary than "things, thingy, thing...etc"
3.  It's a good thing I am taking this creative writing class. It hasn't payed off yet.

Here's my request ::

Be patient I'll get it eventually.


lauren said...

Scissors are so important! I took a sewing class recently and the instructor lent me her scissors because my fabric scissors have very short blades ... and I was astounded. I must find myself some of those fantastically sharp fabric scissors ... someday.

Maybe you could put them on a string and hang them somewhere out of reach of kids? But I guess if they could see them, they might go climbing to try to get to them.

Re: pasta -- I tried one time without the pasta roller, just using a rolling pin, and it was really hard. We got a pasta machine in May and I am finally settling into it. We got this one but it was NOT $85 when we got it! It was like $45! So I don't know what that's about, other than maybe it's the exchange rate? here is a cheaper one.

Anyway, I think it's totally worth it to spend some money for the machine, but maybe not $85. Or do you have a gift-giving occasion coming up? :)

I have yet to make anything but the boule and the baguette from the bread book ... maybe I'll try branching out.

Muslim Hippie said...

Lauren- I am excited about your sewing class. The first three sentences my sewing instructor told us were: "protect your fabric scissors, protect your fabric scissors, and protect them some more!" I am following her advice!

The string idea sounds great, yet provocative... hmmn...

I don't have kitchen space for new gadgets. I know I'll try my hand at the rolling pin pasta first. if it proves to be something I do often I'll invest in kitchen space and a pasta machine (thanks for the links!)

I haven't been using the five minute book for sometime, I was in a bit of a rut recently. Branching out is always good. Post photos if you try something new on flickr or your blog.