Friday, February 19, 2010

loving and Friday links


Mei's new emerging face drawings, she's definitely a lefty btw.

The girls sharing, breakfast and a highchair.
The sun finally decided to give us a long visit. (forty degrees today!)


About utilizing some time for this.

Making this sometime this week(God willing). (I have a pound of organic, very-cold-chicken livers in our freezer... waiting. I know some of you are gagging right now, four words: you're missing out!)


To this song over and over and over. (blogged before)

This album, and this. (blogged before)

This podcast (hilarious, and entertaining)


Raising your spirited child.
Playful parenting.

Looking forward to:
Our beloved's (Peace and Blessings on him) Mawlid (birthday--it's on the 26th this month)
here's a Yusuf islam song in his honor.

I am planning on making our "Moon Cake" in celebration. How are you (people who celebrate the occasion) planning to celebrate the Mawlid? (other than fasting, praying, attending a Mawlid gathering, reciting the mawlid...etc) Any kids craft ideas?


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