Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy ten!

 Ten things that are making me happy right now::

1.Daily morning craft time, rocking it on these tunes. (The yellow alien is all Mei, she designed and glued everything, I only secured and added the belly button-- I didn't want him to look like a freak, you know*wink*)

2. These boots::


3. Another favorite chocolate chip recipe, found through her. I had them for dinner tonight (what I'm a grown woman I can eat cookies for dinner, If I want to!)

4. This song. I love her! Here's a kid friendly song by her (yes! we need good parent friendly kid music, please!)

6. How awesome is he?

7. This Photo. We are currently all about anything orange. And above all those cuties clementines popping in sweet little boxes all over grocery stores.

8. Grabby's new creeping words and animal sounds. A big fat heart for this one.

9. Awesome neighbors and friends.

10. My online creative writing class. (It's wonderful, I am learning so much, and I'm only on my second class)

What's putting a smile on your face these days?


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