Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebrate Mercy

Today in the lunar hijri calender is the twelfth of Rabi'ul Awal, it marks our beloved's birthday.


I am being taught in my writing class, to not write this exact coming sentence that I am about to write: 
 "In this moment, there are no words to describe the gushing feelings going through me about this majestic day in history " (here is where my virtual instructor will tell me to find words to describe my feelings... I raise the white flag.)

Fortunately I do know a number of people who can do the job for me... continue reading:

There's an international online celebration taking place today and on the 28th check out the link to find out more about the speakers (read the list, oh my!) and what timezone you fall under.

A very happy Friday to you, Allahuma Salli wa sallam wa barek 'aleih.


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