Saturday, February 27, 2010

Warning: the text doesn't go with the photos *imagine the title blinking and a siren screaming*

A Burdah (an old poem written in praise of prophet Mohammad and sung by the attendees) night, is rotated amongst the Chicago-area sister's places, monthly... I never go.
(*Dinner: halibut with Indian spices and cilantro)

Today, I hosted a small Mawlid celebration for six women. I am not sure how many people do this for recreation (other than a capella groups,) but I honestly believe if more people devoted a regular gathering for singing in groups-- a lot of good would be brought to the world.
(*Dinner: tomato rice, yogurt salad, greens)

There were no instruments-- just several booklets of the poem and a couple of experienced singers who lead the rhythm and all of us followed. There were also no kids, and this is why I never go to these gatherings. They're kid-free. Now I understand why. (Grabby was the only exception, my sweet babysitter joined us to take care of Grabby. Mei went on a baba daughter day, and she immediately knew what this meant "Can I get some ice cream baba?"... Smart kiddo!)

I am no longer annoyed at not being able to attend such gatherings.
I will make an effort to start attending in the future, God willing.

(*Dinner:blood oranges and lemon)

*I have no photos from today's gathering what-so-ever. Instead you get to see what we had for dinner three nights ago and what I had for breafast the next morning. Why? Well, because I took the photos already, so you get to see them.  Also, I warned you in the title! and here's one more:

(*Breakfast: mashed fava beans with chives and pita)

I totally ruined this posts mood with my food photos, didn't I?



lauren said...

Will you share some fava bean recipes? I had ful medammas (?) once at a restaurant and I liked it a lot. I am planting favas soon, and looking for new recipes.

Muslim Hippie said...

Lauren- I have atleast two recipes to share if not more, I'll either email when it's not too late at night or blog. I love ful medammes, was it an Egyptian restaurant?