Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long day ramblings

Long day today and let's just leave it at that. ( I actually wrote about a paragraph and then erased it, trust me not something you'd enjoy reading here, hmph!)

Mei was so bored with me today, and frankly I don't blame her. We only went out when baba came home and found us in a miserable state, despite his own exhaustion he rose up to the occasion and bundled up the two girls (without any help from me) and strapped them in the double stroller and off went our family on a mood changing 20 minute walk. Remind me to step out of the house regularly, I often times forget, or more frankly, resist.

The highlight from today was Grabby's up and down journeys on Mei's highchair. (she LOVES Mei's highchair, she's also becoming very successful at verbalizing her discontent if say one would try to move her away from the highchair. They grow fast, don't they?) 

 (Mei's new bake ware in use-- so very cute!)

Also our moon cake-- special request by Mei. We've been having a lot of sweets around recently, so this cake was improvised (mainly based on a muffin batter, with only three table spoons of sugar) I poked frozen strawberries in the batter-- couldn't hurt really... The verdict: Mei Loved it,  Grabby loved it and mama loved it. The very little sugar somehow managed to satisfy my  sugar craving, I didn't feel too guilty eating it.

That's all I'm here for. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.


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