Friday, April 30, 2010

Onatrio College of Art and Design

I never officially announced on this space that I am back from Canada- in case you didn't notice from yesterday's easel photo- here's my official announcement. *cheering noises*

Here are some snippets from my three week Canada visit (I wish I had photos of all my mother's yummy Egyptian dishes-- my hands were too occupied placing food in my mouth to be doing anything else, you do sympathize do you not?)

I just realized there are a slew of photos I want to share, so let's do the Ontario Art School set today, deal?

 Yup, that's the Art school building, can you tell?
neat star sculpture, Mei and Grabby loved it. Grabby says: "tar" and points.
beyond awesome mural wall
wall detail
 wall detail # 2
across the street from Art School... you gotta love the Canadian sense of nationalism!
View out of one of the art school windows. 
Reaction: carry on...
 Art meets sky

{this moment}

This is my first try at soulemama's weekly Friday moment, here's the description:

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kidz rock! :: Pilot

Me: Stop pushing your sister!

Mei: No!

Me: why not?

Mei: I don't like her anymore, she's not my friend

Me: She's more important than friends Mei, she's your sister, your blood.

Mei looks confused and starts looking all over Grabby, then finally says:

Mommy, where's the blood?

Kids rock!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

So we pretty much have one week left in Canada and then we head back home. The only thing is our car is currently in the shop. Poor car, please send her du'a and good energy, we need it to get well soon to drive us back home (a nine hour drive.) Ha, just got a call from the shop and they said it's a minor problem that they should be able to take care of, alhamdulilah.

I know I've been bad with picture sharing recently. I am currently uninspired to capture moments, strange since every bit of the outdoors is screaming happy, sunny, and please take my picture, I look so pretty. I guess sleep does a lot to ones mood. Bear with an under slept mama, whose currently missing her co-pilot so, very, much.

Here's a neat link in honor of Earth Day.

A big holler at mother earth. Please, bear with your spoiled children.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Still here

Still in Canada. With a chaos of a schedule for the girls. It's 12:15 in the morning and Grabby is still going strong. So here's what you get from me, an all time favorite song that I am currently in the mood for, and some links.

I discovered a new fav. food blog, check her out.

I am in love with these green chairs.

My awesome, super, uber significant other found Totoro merchandise. I want them all!

After not entering a MacDonalds for over three years, I caved and we now own most of the dragon collection from the happy meal (Mei calls their grilled cheese sandwich the best sandwich ever! what have I done?)

Now I need to go watch the movie, after all me and the girls own most of their characters (hey I choose the apple slices instead of the fries... no? I know *frown*)

Did you know that Hulu, ABC, and NBC don't work in Canada. Any Canadian, TV-less readers out there? how do you get your fix?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

go outside!

The month of April has been declared the Children and Nature Awareness Month by the chairman of the children and nature network  This came late to my attention, we're all sick over here. So believe me I do appreciate the outdoors now more than ever.

hurry take your kiddos and go outside, quick!


Monday, April 12, 2010

sun, sun, sunny!

We had a week of this:
 But today it was like this:

Absolutely worth the wait, we spent seven hours soaking up every bit. I sometimes forget how there's always sunshine ( and rainbows!) after the rain, even if it lasts for a whole week, I mean what else can follow.

Here's one last promised photo:
Happy first day of the week everyone!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

hard headed women

I have two hard headed babes so it seems. It took me, oh about two hours to step out of the house today. I had to argue and counter argue with Mei about each and every piece of clothing she was about to wear. The skirt wasn't twirly enough, the pants were pinchy,  her other clothes don't count as going out clothes because they're a mix of pj pants, filthy jumper and no underwear. The socks were another issue, oh and also the shoes.  It's a miracle I didn't slam my head against the wall-- trust me it was a very viable option at the time.
Grabby slept at 10:30 tonight. She can now sound an aggressive "No!" with strong side to side shaking of the head . She can also demand to watch Totoro (I want Totoro), and refuse her crib, being rocked to sleep or nursed to sleep. She also knows she's exhausted-- she keeps on yawning and crying from exhaustion. It's a mind struggle between the two of us, and I must say... I am a total push over.

It's also been raining like mad over here (Toronto), so we are stuck indoors--either in my sister's tiny house or the library. I am assuming this is why the girls are particularly opinionated these days. Also next time, remind me to not leave my house for over a week. I am insanely "house sick" and "husband sick" (he dropped us off and headed back south.)


Highlights of the day:

I found my camera (it was in my bag, shhh don't tell hubby) photos next time inshaAllah.
Cut three nails from Grabby's right hand and two from the left. (progress!)
Mei allowed me to finally comb her hair after we bought a nifty new comb (photo later.)
My mom didn't talk Jinn talk tonight, but I did watch weird scary shows on a giant screen TV. (again no sleep tonight.)
Grabby cried for one hour straight today, Mei cried for two, (broken into thirty minutes intervals.)
I didn't cry today.
I filled the car tank for the first time ever on my own. I am very proud.
Did I mention we're really waiting for some May flowers? They'd better be plenty this year.

Wisdom of the day:

Eat cupcakes, you absulotely deserve my friend!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Trash day/Egyptian Easter/read at your own risk


Tomorrow is garbage collection day... in Canada. If you happen to live in Canada you'll know what a big deal this is. If you are a mere visitor-- which I currently am-- you'll find yourself amidst a frenzy of people, hustling to get every single correct trash in it's assigned collection boxes. They have a book to assist the novice user, yes a book, not a booklet. An.Actual.Trash.Book!

 We were looking for a somewhat bearable motel to spend the night at, when we were coming up here, I find one with a recycling box in front of it. "Must be a decent one" I tell my husband. "Honey, this is Canada!" He wisely points out...right!


Here's a question for my fellow Egyptian readers. I happen to believe that we (meaning us awesome Egyptians) celebrate the arrival of spring "sham el neseem" which literally translates to "the sniffing of the breeze"and which also happens to be around the same time as Easter. My mother and my father (who are both super Egyptian and are my reference to Egyptian traditions/celebrations and in general all things Egyptian) told me that the ancient Egyptians celebrated spring by eating greens (lettuce) and painting eggs. I am not sure about our infamous "feseekh (rotten fish) and renga (smoked, super salty fish) eating." Quite frankly I don't care much to know, for the stinkiest thing we eat in our household are boiled eggs.
 Here's my question (phew) Is this pharaonic tradition (egg painting) true? I grew up painting eggs for "sham el neseem." If you guys confirm, then I do declare this one is a must for next year. Here's a little egg painting tip for next year. don't boil your eggs before painting. Instead color them or draw on them without boiling being super careful not to squish them. And then poke two parallel tiny holes at both ends (the long end) and blow your raw egg out in a bowl,  then string the empty painted shells together.
Yes, we did that when I was little. Neat huh?


Read at your own risk::

My camera has gone missing again (significant other, if you're reading this, do tell. Where did you pack it? and yes I am blaming you in public, and yes I acknowledge it's totally my fault. And while we're at it, I totally misplaced my glasses and am roaming the house like a mad woman looking for them, while thinking of my official glasses spotter. I miss you!) No photos. sorry for that, and for the previous public conversation.

It's 1 am and I am totally blaming my mom for keeping me up late, talking about Jinn (no sleep tonight, I am totally making her read the first two chapters of the quran)


Note: I totally didn't proof read this  (not that it makes a big difference in my case) I need some shut eyes!!!