Friday, April 30, 2010

Onatrio College of Art and Design

I never officially announced on this space that I am back from Canada- in case you didn't notice from yesterday's easel photo- here's my official announcement. *cheering noises*

Here are some snippets from my three week Canada visit (I wish I had photos of all my mother's yummy Egyptian dishes-- my hands were too occupied placing food in my mouth to be doing anything else, you do sympathize do you not?)

I just realized there are a slew of photos I want to share, so let's do the Ontario Art School set today, deal?

 Yup, that's the Art school building, can you tell?
neat star sculpture, Mei and Grabby loved it. Grabby says: "tar" and points.
beyond awesome mural wall
wall detail
 wall detail # 2
across the street from Art School... you gotta love the Canadian sense of nationalism!
View out of one of the art school windows. 
Reaction: carry on...
 Art meets sky

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