Thursday, April 8, 2010

hard headed women

I have two hard headed babes so it seems. It took me, oh about two hours to step out of the house today. I had to argue and counter argue with Mei about each and every piece of clothing she was about to wear. The skirt wasn't twirly enough, the pants were pinchy,  her other clothes don't count as going out clothes because they're a mix of pj pants, filthy jumper and no underwear. The socks were another issue, oh and also the shoes.  It's a miracle I didn't slam my head against the wall-- trust me it was a very viable option at the time.
Grabby slept at 10:30 tonight. She can now sound an aggressive "No!" with strong side to side shaking of the head . She can also demand to watch Totoro (I want Totoro), and refuse her crib, being rocked to sleep or nursed to sleep. She also knows she's exhausted-- she keeps on yawning and crying from exhaustion. It's a mind struggle between the two of us, and I must say... I am a total push over.

It's also been raining like mad over here (Toronto), so we are stuck indoors--either in my sister's tiny house or the library. I am assuming this is why the girls are particularly opinionated these days. Also next time, remind me to not leave my house for over a week. I am insanely "house sick" and "husband sick" (he dropped us off and headed back south.)


Highlights of the day:

I found my camera (it was in my bag, shhh don't tell hubby) photos next time inshaAllah.
Cut three nails from Grabby's right hand and two from the left. (progress!)
Mei allowed me to finally comb her hair after we bought a nifty new comb (photo later.)
My mom didn't talk Jinn talk tonight, but I did watch weird scary shows on a giant screen TV. (again no sleep tonight.)
Grabby cried for one hour straight today, Mei cried for two, (broken into thirty minutes intervals.)
I didn't cry today.
I filled the car tank for the first time ever on my own. I am very proud.
Did I mention we're really waiting for some May flowers? They'd better be plenty this year.

Wisdom of the day:

Eat cupcakes, you absulotely deserve my friend!


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