Monday, April 5, 2010

Trash day/Egyptian Easter/read at your own risk


Tomorrow is garbage collection day... in Canada. If you happen to live in Canada you'll know what a big deal this is. If you are a mere visitor-- which I currently am-- you'll find yourself amidst a frenzy of people, hustling to get every single correct trash in it's assigned collection boxes. They have a book to assist the novice user, yes a book, not a booklet. An.Actual.Trash.Book!

 We were looking for a somewhat bearable motel to spend the night at, when we were coming up here, I find one with a recycling box in front of it. "Must be a decent one" I tell my husband. "Honey, this is Canada!" He wisely points out...right!


Here's a question for my fellow Egyptian readers. I happen to believe that we (meaning us awesome Egyptians) celebrate the arrival of spring "sham el neseem" which literally translates to "the sniffing of the breeze"and which also happens to be around the same time as Easter. My mother and my father (who are both super Egyptian and are my reference to Egyptian traditions/celebrations and in general all things Egyptian) told me that the ancient Egyptians celebrated spring by eating greens (lettuce) and painting eggs. I am not sure about our infamous "feseekh (rotten fish) and renga (smoked, super salty fish) eating." Quite frankly I don't care much to know, for the stinkiest thing we eat in our household are boiled eggs.
 Here's my question (phew) Is this pharaonic tradition (egg painting) true? I grew up painting eggs for "sham el neseem." If you guys confirm, then I do declare this one is a must for next year. Here's a little egg painting tip for next year. don't boil your eggs before painting. Instead color them or draw on them without boiling being super careful not to squish them. And then poke two parallel tiny holes at both ends (the long end) and blow your raw egg out in a bowl,  then string the empty painted shells together.
Yes, we did that when I was little. Neat huh?


Read at your own risk::

My camera has gone missing again (significant other, if you're reading this, do tell. Where did you pack it? and yes I am blaming you in public, and yes I acknowledge it's totally my fault. And while we're at it, I totally misplaced my glasses and am roaming the house like a mad woman looking for them, while thinking of my official glasses spotter. I miss you!) No photos. sorry for that, and for the previous public conversation.

It's 1 am and I am totally blaming my mom for keeping me up late, talking about Jinn (no sleep tonight, I am totally making her read the first two chapters of the quran)


Note: I totally didn't proof read this  (not that it makes a big difference in my case) I need some shut eyes!!!


Yasmine said...

hahaha..hilarious, this jinn talk late at night is so Egyptian for some reason. Whenever I spend the night with friends, it always goes to that topic, leh teftekry?? have fun with the fam!

Muslim Hippie said...

Thanks Yasmina.
I have no idea why we are lured into this creepy topic, what can I say, we love to torture ourselves (meaning us Egyptians of course)