Friday, April 23, 2010

Kidz rock! :: Pilot

Me: Stop pushing your sister!

Mei: No!

Me: why not?

Mei: I don't like her anymore, she's not my friend

Me: She's more important than friends Mei, she's your sister, your blood.

Mei looks confused and starts looking all over Grabby, then finally says:

Mommy, where's the blood?

Kids rock!



Me said...

LOLOLOL!!! I agree.. Kids rock!!! I think when Grabby starts talking things are going to get a lot more interesting insha Allah!!

Enjoy Canada... and have a safe trip back home soon insha Allah :-)

Reema B. said...

hahah I literaly LOLed after reading this! By the way, mashallah, I like the name of your blog and its very chill and "hippy" :-P will follow you, in the meantime, you're more than welcome to sip some **tea** at my **Tea House** (my blog) at

Salaam :-)

Dorotea said...

She reminds me of Sam sooo much! Its so funny how kids take every word so literally! The other day, I was getting into the club and expressing my concern of the dude at the gate "throwing me out" cuz i didnt have my ID. So, a couple minutes after I say that, Sam says: Who will throw you mama? The man? Why will the man throw you mama?"
I had noo clue what he was talking about at first! Then I caught on!! :) Of course I laughed and explained! :)