Monday, April 19, 2010

Still here

Still in Canada. With a chaos of a schedule for the girls. It's 12:15 in the morning and Grabby is still going strong. So here's what you get from me, an all time favorite song that I am currently in the mood for, and some links.

I discovered a new fav. food blog, check her out.

I am in love with these green chairs.

My awesome, super, uber significant other found Totoro merchandise. I want them all!

After not entering a MacDonalds for over three years, I caved and we now own most of the dragon collection from the happy meal (Mei calls their grilled cheese sandwich the best sandwich ever! what have I done?)

Now I need to go watch the movie, after all me and the girls own most of their characters (hey I choose the apple slices instead of the fries... no? I know *frown*)

Did you know that Hulu, ABC, and NBC don't work in Canada. Any Canadian, TV-less readers out there? how do you get your fix?



Anonymous said...
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Yasmine said...

check: or net, can't remember for videos. Love the food blog check out my new favorite:, I think I have been cooking her recipes for the last 2 weeks or so!!
have a safe trip back:)