Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scenes from our weekend::

I heart tulips! (at the Chicago Botanic Gardens)

a labor intensive Syrian dish for a dinner guest-chicken fattah (each layer is first cooked separately then layered in a baking dish, then baked. Deconstruction: baked pita bread, rice, chicken pieces, garlic-vinegar sauce plus yogurt-tahini sauce, & finally a generous sprinkle of nuts, served hot in winter days or cooled in summer days, we had it in between)

 new board game, a word which here means: two sleeping babies, a husband and his wife skimming through a game manual and "a series of unfortunate events!" a new favorite activity.

 not one but three raspberry-almond brioche braid photos, can you tell I'm proud? (from the five minute book) it was, oh sooo goood!

How are things at your end? do share.



Stephanie said...

Mmm, your chicken fatteh looks yummy. I think your recipe is quite a bit more labor intensive than mine though. This is the one I use Try it sometime when you don't have a lot of time and let me know how it compares.

Muslim Hippie said...

Stephanie, I checked your link. it's almost the same way, except i fry the garlic before adding it and the yoghurt sauce is mixed with tihini,there's also a garlic vinegar sauce that i didn't see. here's where I got my recipe from ( I tweaked it a little):