Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a tarty spring craving and a favor to ask

My computer screen is opened on these two pages simultaneously (if you're not the link-clicker-kind, those were two rhubarb crumble recipes. Such a thoughtful gesture, I know!) and I am at major loss here friends. You see, I've been on the lookout for some early local rhubarb. I've been keeping my eyes peeled since late March (yes, I am indeed naive, yet hopeful.) I've been scavenging all the stores in hope of a glimpse of this skinny-bloody-green-fibery-little-fellow (see how many adjectives I used to describe it?Help!)

I got introduced to this vegetable masquerading as a fruit (or is it the other way around?), oh about four years ago. My husband would come back from working in a small town (about 45 minutes drive north of Madison WI) declaring it's rhubarb season. And that his co-workers (who grow rhubarbs in their backyards so it seems,) were selling bundles upon bundles for practically nothing. A Blank stare would be my response. The next day he would come back, declaring that they're giving it for free!
But what is it? what do I do with it? how do I cook it? how does it taste like? I had no idea, and no interest to embark on an experiment, when I was in early pregnancy and struggling to keep a chewing gum in my mouth.

Now dear lovely readers, I am a more seasoned foreigner, with (definitely) a couple of pounds extra, a pregnant-free belly, and the pallet of a lover who has tasted his object of affection and is back for more.

 This is why I am boring you with all these details. Because, I have indeed found my desired object( It was the one and only skimpy bundle on the grocery shelf: I grabbed it carefully-- trying hard not to look conspicuous) I also made sure to accompany our skinny tart friend with his match made in heaven: strawberries.

Too bad it's one hour before mid-night, or else I would be sharing 'Right Now!' photos with my family of a steaming glass Pyrex dish bubbling with deep red juices.

Maybe this is for the best, so I can get to ask you for your favorite rhubarb/strawberry crumble recipe.

What's your fav.? Please share. It would be much appreciated.

Peace and Thank you!

Edit: town name removed upon request.


lauren said...

My mom says you make insides like the inside of a strawberry/rhubarb pie, and then you put a topping as for a Dutch apple pie or crisp.

I have only made straw/rhub pie but I think I used the recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. I can research more if you need.

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Lauren, I'll go and consult Mark Bittman on the dutch apple pie topping and rhubarb pie filling. The links I posted had weird ingredients and too much flour. Cheers to your mama too:)