Friday, May 28, 2010

I fell in love again...

 ... with the city. Garrison Keillor warned in one of his articles, about visiting a new place in spring-- you might find your self moving there permanently.  And oh how wise and true his words are. I am not going over seas this summer, and so far our plans are to stay put. But frankly I don't really mind. (except that I miss Egypt.)
 Chicago my friends is not a city to lament living in (except maybe in winters, {but that's another story} and frankly if we didn't have 'them' rough winters, everyone would come and stay--and that would be problematic)
 It's also a bonus when we get visitors, there's always stuff to do and places to go. So yesterday was millennium park day. (If you've never been to Chicago before, I absolutely recommend a mandatory visit. Come in spring if you can. Who knows you might decide to stay, and then we'll be real life friends, how about that?)

 If you're decision comes later in season, no worries, we have the best feet coolers in town. Just come, all things go...


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Yasmine said...

Hopefully we'll see more of you once we get to the other side..