Friday, May 21, 2010

snot bubbles and cake-y cookies

I am sitting here staring at the screen, while listening to my youngest baby make unhappy noises as she sleeps-- she has the sniffles and it's at it's worst at night. I have her head all propped up with pillows for easier breathing, yet I can still hear her deep inhales and exhales, sometimes followed by moans and bark sounding coughs. My heart is aching for her. I truly wish I can lend her my nose until her illness clears up. (she wouldn't want to sport my big nose on her tiny face for longer than needed)
 I am not one of those all natural, remedy giving parents, even though I truly wish I was. I am not that patient. I will make chicken soup, and I will give arnica for speedy healing. And I give vit D to promote the immune system. (I also hold and snuggle with her as much as I can, my lower back is currently suffering from carrying her most of today.) But if my baby is aching, I give Tylenol, which I have a love/hate relationship with. Well maybe a hate all the icky stuff inside: the dyes (I try to get the dye-free kind) chemicals and what have you. (and those recalls are scary) But I love that it numbs my baby's pain. What's a mama to do?

How do you treat illnesses at your end?Please share.

 The sun was a tease today, hiding behind clouds, playing the shy game. I did manage to air Mei's mattress in those brief sunny moments. (I should air Grabby's tomorrow, get rid of some germs.) meanwhile Grabby rocked some  awesome snot bubbles-- my next door neighbor declared them the biggest she's ever seen.(high praise I'm telling you!) She even wanted to get her fancy Camera to take some shots. We agreed that it's best to leave it to our memories... I think we made the right choice.
 Mei helped mama make chocolate chip cookies this morning. (no, I still didn't buy sugar) I googled baking with agave nectar, (since I had a bottle on hand for like EVER,) and fancy shmancy internet peeps said that it can substitute sugar in any recipe except the result of the cookies will be chewier than usual. Well I say: internet peeps, with-all-do-respect, it's not true. The cookies were more like cake than cookies. I mean I am not the crusty-flaky cookie kind of girl. I am the 'a-little-bit-crusty-from the-outside-yet-chewy-gooey-from-the-inside kind of chocolate chip cookie girl. Yet the cake-y texture didn't do it for me. I mean if I want a cake-y texture I'll just bake cake. You know what I'm saying? so just so we're clear for next time, I am sticking with my trust-worthy sugar all the way!

Btw: apologies on the title, I couldn't resist!


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