Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothere's Day!

It was a wonderful, chilled day, in our neck of the woods. It entailed all things traditional... you know: sleeping in,  waking up to a lovely breakfast, a heart shaped cookie presented by my first born, and a " HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!" cheer.
I also got to take some time off from my babes, which consequently, entailed a lot of thinking about my babes. Ah the irony! No, for real- how  can I not visit the day when a mother was born along side her first coned-head, little bundle? It was so surreal, I laughed and cried at the intensity of it all. Nothing can ever prepare a woman with motherhood except going through it yourself. You will change irreversibly and you will (in most cases) never want to go back.


I am not photographing these days, I am in spring mode-- cleaning some cluttered space inside-out, and stretching and yawning if-you-will with the sunshine-- dusk is around eight these days, did you hear?

I've been making food that lasts us three days at a time (so unlike me) and enjoying my littlest one opening with spring flowers, she's: stubborn, demanding, patient, wise, sly, affectionate, interested, driven, focused and will not eat no matter how hard I try.
Her older sister is: a chatter box, entertaining, funny, intense, thoughtful, artsy, passionate, intrigued, musical, imaginative, and so aware of herself and others.


I am sitting here looking at my hands, and considering the fact that I am not in Egypt (once upon a time, my comfort zone,) I am talking to a screen-- documenting a period and a state of mind, hoping for some connection with like minded souls, tomorrow I am going for a hunt (might share, or might not) but tonight... tonight my friends I have a batch of brownies in an airtight container. (Did I mention I'm on a diet?)

And there you have it, another classic late night ramblings (I should categorize these!)



Me said...

Happy Mother's Day to you :-)
I love your ramblings....
And what is it with toddlers refusing food nowadays?!?! My 14 month old has been driving me crazy lately... he used to eat anything I give him... that's all gone now :-S

Muslim Hippie said...

My nephew (8 months) is also rejecting food-- my sister just informed me. It's a conspiracy!