Monday, May 31, 2010

Photo of the day :: First day of summer

Hot. Sticky. Buggy. Goodness, so much fun. Even for a bug-o-phobic?(wait...just googled it) an herpetophobic like moi!


I am finally coming around, and finding the appeal in Glee. I know!

I don't know if you are familiar with the Darabuka, I know how to do a few basic beats, but she really rocks it!

would have loved to attend this show.

Ninety degrees today, Ah yes! (btw, this is not me, oh noooooo)

And this is why I love etsy.

I don't wear heals, but heart!

I have farmers market asparagus, waiting for us to stay indoors for just a few hours, so I can make this.

My mother owned that same exact dress in lilac in the seventies, with the same braided fabric belt. Too bad she's about a foot shorter than I am.



Yasmine said...

what r u talking about? I love Glee!! love the dress and the etsy link..perfect for a boy's room..possibly in the new place inshAllah..Mark Bittman has a really good asparagus pesto recipe on his blog, check it

Muslim Hippie said...

Yes, Yasmine, I was saying that I didn't used to like it but I have come around. Thanks for the heads up on the Mark Bittman recipe.