Monday, May 17, 2010


Today was a 'nothing day'-- meaning,  it looked like rain, yet it didn't rain. It looked extremely cold, but it in fact, was not extremely cold. I wanted the car because I am spoiled that way, but instead my husband had to drive the car to work. The babysitter was supposed to come, but somehow she never came... You know one of those days.

I really tried to get motivated and do something fun with the girls, but... nothing, I'm telling you! I mean Me and Mei drew next to each other (literally, we do this neat thing these days, where we draw the same things in the same notebook on opposite pages-like I draw a fish on the right page and she draws a fish on the left and so on), and Grabby and I read books, and all three of us did all the puzzles we currently own (seven) . And we pretend cooked and real cooked, and we also watched peter pan, and skipped the pirate parts, because Mei didn't like them "Mommy they're scary!"

We did not leave our little nook though, we just kept roaming the house randomly, and eventually the day evolved into a 'nothing day' (I am not sure if I am making sense, but if you're a stay-at-home-mom, spending the whole day with no tall people to talk to, and feeling unwilling to venture out because it looks insanely gloomy, you might get an idea of what I just shared... or not!)

Eventually the clock struck five, the car was available, the husband took Mei to the park, and Mommy and Grabby finished our shopping for the week. Right before I hopped in the car-- with baby and groceries in their assigned places. I got approached by a tall person whom I do not know. She asked me If I was a Muslim and I confirmed. (what do you think gave me away?)

Battlestar Galactica's episode tonight was especially weird--yet fitting to a day like today.

This was taken from a sunnier day, thought it's a better ending for today's post.



Me said...

I've been having lots of "nothing days" lately... it SUCKS...but alhamdulilah, the weather finally seems to be getting better... so insha Allah the "nothing period" should be coming to an end...

Hang in there :-)

Muslim Hippie said...