Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today was another beautiful, sunny, warm, Breezy, day. We started out by finishing off our weekly shopping (which by the way never ends up being a once a week endeavor, but you get the idea) Mei is pretty good about picking up her Mei sized shopping cart and helping out with the list. I do find a few stray items by the cashier, but considering her resistance to the cake/candy/cookies isle... no complaints. Also here's a discovery: Do shop before nine in the morning, the grocery staff are all smiley and offering their time and help every five seconds. You might also score a one day expired pistachio box for free. Since when do pistachio's expire... ah Americans!

We finished off by breakfast in the yard and some serious side walk chalk drawing. My help is no longer required, Mei does just swell on her own. Also Grabby, disregarding the stuffed mouth and the bits of chalk dribbling down her chin--ewww, and she won't eat sweet corn, she has serious taste buds dysfunction I'm telling you)

This is all I'm here for today, along with some links:

I am probably renting this movie so very soon (I am a big Audery Tautoo fan, also a Coco Chanel fan {not that I can afford her stuff, still}.)

This movie is on our net flix queue for Me before Mei.

If you are reading this and you're not a family member than you are from the lucky ones. I am absolutely smitten by this iphone app. and have been bombarding my family with all things hipstamatic. Get yourself one if you have an iphone, it's insanely cool!
Do you believe me now?

If you are into massive Muslim crowds, enjoy raw art performances, or have young ones and live in Chicago or the greater Chicago area, do mark your calendar. Taking it to the streets 2010 is happening this June inshaAllah.

It's getting hot and I am into these pants again, I want to get them in mustard yellow.

Leaving you with a song from memory lane.


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