Wednesday, May 19, 2010

m&ms poisoning and links

Last night I thought I was dying. It seems that I've been living in this country way too long and it's safe to say that I am spoiled-- for the past four years, last night was my first night to get food poisoned in this country. What you don't follow?

A little clarification to my non-Egyptian readers: In Egypt it is not rare to get food poisoned, especially if you are a frequent restaurant eater. The strange thing about my food poisoning is, it wasn't from regular food (and I know that because, me and my husband ate exactly the same things through out the day) It was from the one thing I ate and my husband didn't... m&m's, and yes I am sure-- my stomach felt funny as soon as I was done eating it (who gets food poisoned from m&m's?). In my defense m&m's is my traditional movie munching treat at the theater-- we watched Iron Man 2 in case you're curious, and yes I liked it. My favorite part was when Scarlet Johansen kicked butt and that's that.

My Camera is currently not in my possession, and I would have shared sunny photos from today's all day outdoor adventures, but my phone camera has all "face" photos. The girls were way too cute today to try and capture anything else... Fail!


I should be looking for summer sandals, but I have an obsession with boots. I really do!

Is it okay to say that I am in love with a bowl?

The fabric, the cut, the design, only problem is I can't wear it, otherwise...

Thinking about joining this weekly challenge.

Must. listen. to reason.

Is into her music these days.


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