Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello Summer!

Today's post is to merely to advertise an awesome tent-like-thing, the girls received as a summer gift from their Grammy (thank you Grammy!)

It's called the Fortamajig, (actually only Fortamajig minus 'the'. It just sounded strange introducing it without signifying it with 'the' you know?)

 It's brilliance is-- it's just a big piece of fabric, with lots of elastic Velcro. So you can pretty much attach it to anything. And form it into whatever shape or form you want. Do click the link they have neat displays for the thing... coolness!
So this is pretty much what we spent our afternoon doing (right after we opened the cardboard package)

Summer related:

An awesome person sent me this link for safe sunscreens. (Thank you!)
 A life saving post for any tall person caring for a short person or many short people this summer.

Food related question:

I can totally live on watermelon with feta cheese (you never tried it? heaven!) this season, and frankly I don't like my kitchen very much with soaring temperatures. Any ideas for simple, non-stove, yet nutritious, summer meals? I can do minimal stove use I guess. 
 We had this with seedless watermelons tonight.


oh speaking of summer, this looks cool. (yes I can totally sneak one extra thing, you see that's the cool thing about this blog. IT'S MINE! I can do whatever I want with it *insert evil laugh*)

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