Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunshine and Mulberry puree'

Yesterday, the clouds darkened, and the heavens came down with a vengeance... Three hours of hard, heavy, unforgiving rain, and then... it continued to rain...
 Mei took this photo using my camera (this is slightly above her eye level btw. she had to extend her arms and raise it slightly over her head to get this shot) as we waited for those three hard hours in the doctors office "it's too loud mama, are the windows going to break?"

Even I was slightly suspicious.

We went home with an alien (to me) device (nebulizer) to release my youngest girl's tight chest and breathing. I guess she too was responding to all those dark days. The doctor told us he's suspecting asthma. I pray not, (and I ask of you to please join my prayers.) She's fine now by the way, no worries.
 Today, the sun came out as promised by the weather man, and everything was bright again.
We spent the day outside in the park and ended it by "eating out".  Actually we ended it by quickly picking up our CSA box (yay for CSA season! I'll share the loot later) and then we headed home-- where I cleaned two different rugs from puke (Grabby is so far not agreeing with the steroid prescription medicine. I don't blame her, ukh) meanwhile Mei was bathing her sister with the potty bowl... nice! (I was alternating between, clean, check, spill, check, fill, check, and repeat. Somehow I missed!)


 We have a mulberry tree growing right above our parking spot. (I am thinking of using the berries for something and I am still at loss...suggestions? p..p..please?)
 Anyhoo, the tree is dumping buckets (well maybe not buckets, but enough to make a sane woman mad) berries all over the roof of the car, the windshield and the wiper. Did I mention that it's been raining mad over here (did I?). Well every time I try to use the wipers, I get a respectable amount of mulberry-juice-puree' over the windshield. Not cool... and... and... to top it off, birds and bees are especially fond of those green berries, so right now there's a nice mixture of mulberry puree' and bird poop. (Not to mention the promise of getting stung.) over my windshield where I do most of the spotting of other cars so I don't "accidentally" crash into them. Are you listening?anybody?
Here's one more Photo:


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