Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Streets 2010

Chicago peeps, where you there?

Streets artists make it on the CNN belief blog. You guys, I was peace signing at the very last row with the girls:)

He was my favorite.

Alpha Yaya Diallo and Sabri Brothers were Mei's favorites (OK, mine too), she danced with a hippie for a good half an hour, twirling, jumping, swaying and all. I used to think that Mei couldn't dance... She can dance alright-- like a white girl that she is. SubhanAllah!

Here's my perspective y'all *wink*(mind you, I was lugging two little ones all by myself. I was rushed):

  Graffiti artists taking it on the walls

they were even better live.

Bouncy castles, Carousel, Ferris wheel.

Happy summer everyone, for it is official now!


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Rahma said...

Thanks for all the links! :)