Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Read at your own risk :: Annoyed beyond recognition!

As I stepped out of my dentist's office heading for the elevator, I heard some whispering--"non of your business" I told myself, even though I felt the people behind me whisper about me. "It's all in your paranoid head"I tried to reassure myself...

I pressed the elevator button and waited. When the elevator arrived, I stepped inside and waited for the couple behind me to step in so I can hit the 'G' button. A big boned man in a Yamaka was almost one foot in, when suddenly his whole body jerked backwards--his female partner(who also wore a head scarf like me, only she wrapped it in the traditional Orthodox Jewish fashion) aggressively pulled his shoulders towards her:"Let's just take the next elevator."
 I rolled my eyes at her as the elevator door slid shut.

Really? I mean (for the sake of the argument) If anyone she should be scared, it should have been me (even though I have ridden public transportation and elevators many a times with orthodox Jews. No problem!) I mean,  I was all by myself, and she had her (husband or brother or cousin, who knows?) with her, and he WAS big boned.

Not scared, oh you hate Muslims and can't stand the sight of them, or sharing a tiny little space like an elevator with them. Can we be at least a little more subtle? Eg: Oh, look at my absent minded self, I forgot my phone at the doctors office. (believable and thoughtful)

One of the many things I enjoy about this country (and I've just mentioned it in an earlier post this week) is: diversity and freedom of expression. So you can wear  your religious attire and I can wear mine--It's true that we are after all human and come with our baggage, but can we leave this baggage for a mere two minutes behind us until the elevator reaches the ground floor, and try to be courteous to one another in a civilized manner... Please?

This little gesture made me feel at first like I'm a terrorist. Second, like a piece of trash. Then finally after I reasoned with myself a little, I felt superior (which is still not a very good feeling, I became judgmental, self deprecating and finally conceited. so pretty much horrible in  every possible way) Cheers for bringing my lower self on the surface. So glad I know better to generalize. hmph!

Can I attempt to lighten the mood a little, or have I irreversibly darkened it?
 Garden table::our very late CSA pickup, we have peas people (amongst other things) but peas!

Ah, I already feel better!



Empress Anisa said...

It takes all kinds.... at least you were quiet! As for me and my big mouth, I would've told them, "Yes, it's best if you take the next one..." and look at them very smug-like (= we dont want you stinking up the elevator which is the ame crappy look some of them give us).
Let them wallow in their ignorance, they're just sad.
Are you on FB???

Muslim Hippie said...

Empress, throw me an email ( and we can connect.