Monday, June 28, 2010


I figured I am taking my sweet time finishing those projects I was telling you about, so why not take a peak at one of them.

 Art place mat inspired by this book, only I decided to quilt it for more body. I have never quilted before and I am yet to tackle that whole binding ordeal, but until then, lets take a look, shall we?

I just taped fabric on the table, gave Mei some fabric colors and left her inner artist shine. She came up with this awesome Monsters spectacle. We both colored-in her scary and friendly monsters. (there's a whole story behind each and every one btw, with a character build up and who is worth fighting and who is worth befriending and protecting from "the bad guys". I love her!)

Now we wait until mama figures out some binding tricks. I have faith, also this.


Btw: notice my slick move of hiding Mei's real name. Slick!


Lauren said...

Nice! I'm meaning to learn to quilt soon. Maybe before fall, as our current bedspread is pretty trashed and I need to either fix or replace it ...

Muslim Hippie said...

Yes, I have the same inclination, Here's a goo tutorial for a simple quilt tutorial that I've been meaning to try myself:

itto said...

salam alaikoum, love the place mat! tbarakallah, children drawings are great.