Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's 12:05am and I can't think of a good title for this post, this will do for now...

Blogger is getting all fancy, so I am getting fancy too... fancy this new template? no? no worries, we'll be playing for a while until I settle into a "new home"-- feedback is appreciated.

On the counter:
There's an admirably sized chuck roast, thawing... waiting for it's marinade. I consulted with a couple of my favorite foodie peeps (Mr. Bittman, and the late yet still fabulous *Laurie Colwin) and they both assured me that for a dinner party, chuck roast is a pretty good idea... for winter, but no one will know. It's been raining cats and dogs and this counts in my dictionary as a reason for such a hearty meal. Let's all hope the temperatures don't go back to soaring tomorrow (I forgot to mention, the dinner party is tomorrow night.)

In the refrigerator:
chocolate cream pie, made by the happy bakers at whole foods. I am currently very proud of my will power for waiting 3 whole long hours and I am currently waiting some more--until Fantastic Mr. Husband, finishes whatever it is he's doing, so we can sit like two civilized (not so sure when I see that pie if I'll follow through) people to eat our dessert... hmph and hmph!

In the WIP (work in progress, if you're not familiar with the abv. *wink*) basket:
Three whole things that I am currently in the middle of finishing. The sewing machine hummed briefly today. Progress.
(photos when everything is done and ready for a flash light)

I got a kick from Glee's take on loser.

 Zara was my favorite store as a teenager. We now finally have a branch about 10 minutes from where I live. Danger-roo! Even though Mei is now rocking awesome florescent-colored-leggings (not pictured) and new shimmery kicks! 

I LOVED this article about the ever controversial niqab (face veil). I teared at the end:(

This Bench Monday is so cute. Did you know that Mei calls all Benches Bench Monday now. As in "mommy look at the Bench Monday" (pointing at a bench)... what have I done? *whacking own head.

Isn't this so neat?

I want this and this. Because books like these make me think I am a better parent.

Guys, Taking it to the streets count down. If you're in Chicago or greater Chicago make sure to come (June 19th). seriously dude!

that's it have a good one.


* about Laurie Colwin. I mentioned before how her two cook books are amongst my most prized possessions (for real!) I was gifted these two books when I was F.O.B or more accurately F.O.P
While reading her short back cover bio, I somehow skipped the part where it mentioned that she had passed sometime in the late 1980's. After making her pseudo poached eggs with veggies (I'm pretty sure she didn't name her dish that, but if you have the book you'll know why I call it that) I was so happy with her that I decided to read her short bio again... what she's dead? oh no, but  I wanted to be her friend, and invite her over for chuck roast or something. How can she be dead? but she's still making jokes about having her friend drip cream from his luggage all the way from London to America because she loves English cream so much. I was going to gift her real fresh Egyptian cream from a water buffalo and then we were going to be best friends, because she'll recognize the superiority Water Buffalo cream over regular cow cream.

But you see, this is what I love about books. I get to travel through time, and have telepathic powers... I get to go to Saudi Arabia in the twenties and live as a nomad through Mohammad Asad's words. And then consult Laurie Colwin on how to cook a chuck roast for a dinner party, and get a whole lot of humor and stories as a bonus.
Laurie, I'll see you tomorrow night for dinner, and maybe next time I'm in Egypt we can celebrate with a dollop of water-buffalo-fresh-cream on Egyptian feteer meshaltet

** I was working on this post all day, so the roast is fully thawed and waiting in the refrigerator, and the pie... oh the pie was great. (It was almost gifted to our next door neighbors, after reading gelatin in the ingredients. Thank goodness for stubborn me-- I called whole foods and they assured me that it was fish gelatin. Phew!)

this should be a post on it's own.

Peace again:)

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