Wednesday, June 9, 2010



trying to end a phone conversation.

small talk with the cashier, when my response entails something like this "oh yea, absolutely," (at this point the cashier turns her head to talk to another customer) and then I go "right, proceed to door whilst talking to yourself"

joking with a parent at the library about using my headscarf as a hands free set. (in case you can't envision this, I sandwich my calculator sized Iphone between my right cheek and my snugly-fitted-headscarf)
Here's the conversation:
Parent: Oh, that's so neat how you do this thing with your scarf and the phone.
Me joking: Yes, this is the sole reason of why I wear this weird thing on my head.
Then Parent starts looking uncomfortable and alternates between frowning and smiling. *note to self: don't joke about your headscarf to non Muslims, they get uncomfortable... sorry!

conversing in a foreign language with someone you know quite well doesn't speak 'said' language.(it happens when I don't get enough sleep for several nights in a row) Reaction: blank stare on that same person's face, followed by the realization of what just took place. right.


Watermelon with feta cheese for dinner
(both the feta and the melons should be cubed so you can alternate between forking them, but really, who has the time?)
 I love those running juices down her arm. ACK!

(Grabby ended up with a purple belly and face. It was in the high eighties today, Grabby was running around in a diaper most of today. Lucky girl!)



Me said...

Ohhh the water melon and feta reminds me of home...

I really had to laugh about the part of joking about your headscarf...LOL

Btw I made the play-doh you'd once posted about ... and it was AWESOME alhamdulilah!! I made the four basic colors and it really looked and felt like the store play-doh!!! JAK for the recipe :-)

Muslim Hippie said...

Oh I'm so happy I was of use to somebody. homemade play-doh rocks! and you know exactly what you put in there, so if a piece "accidentally" disappears... no worries:)