Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten things that I am loving and grateful for right now!

Why hello,
 1. Seventy degree weather today, sunny, breezy, and just wonderful. Alhamdulilah!

 2. Big, fluttery, flirty butterflies. Mei was particularly impressed, Grabby also lived up to her blog name "buffly" she said as she pointed and tried to grab the delicate thing.
3. Letting go. (more about this one later)

4. Awesome friends who pay attention to detail. I received this by mail today. Thank you (you know who you are, I love you, even when you don't buy me cool gifts... imagine that!)

5. My Polaroid camera and the existence of such a concept as ebay, so when they stop producing film for awesome vintage cameras like this, you go to ebay and bid your way out. (seriously overpriced, but still)
6. Our house. the best house I've lived at so far.

7. Our vita mix and green smoothies. Mei (it's still too cold for Grabby's taste) eats raw kale hidden in fruit as ice cream these days. Awesome mashaAllah.

8. Did I mention this book? I did, well I love it even more in person. It has the coolest ideas.

9. New hats that fit "someone" perfectly. What, you don't get it. That's fine, someone else gets it.

10. New adventures that can be mind boggling at times, but ecstatic overall.

What are you loving? feel free to play along.



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Cassie said...
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Cassie said...

Shoes that always fit my clothes.. I am a fashionista after all.. :) I didn't know that a Muslim can be hippie too..

Muslim Hippie said...

That'sa good one to be grateful for Cassie. And Muslims come in all sort of cultures, colors and Ideas. Hippie can definitely join the mix, don't you think *wink*
Thanks for stopping by:)