Thursday, July 1, 2010

The best cake ever VS the worst raft in boat history

 I just realized that me and the girls haven't been to the library forever, meaning over two weeks (that's a lot for us!) Please understand that by all means, I am not complaining... not at all. I am so grateful for good company, good weather (that makes us stay outdoors most of sunlit hours), and awesome foodie bloggers like her.
 I mean the woman knows what she's talking about, so when she tells you that a cake is worth making, (even after all mishaps that she faced in the process) you listen... and that's exactly what I did...


... after making this (failed) raft boat with the girls. It looked nice, oh for about half an hour, then the pillar collapsed (next time, I'll follow the instructions as opposed to just looking at photos and making it up along the way) and when placed in water it out sank the famous titanic. It took one flip to the wrong side and down down it went. So glad no one was aboard, or does Mr. roboto here counts? hmmn?
  The girls had fun nonetheless, that's what counts, eh?

It was another great day Alhamdulilah, filled with local CSA goodness, good company, crafts, yard play and I quote "the best cake ever".



Rahma said...

I want that cake RIGHT NOW! :):)

Muslim Hippie said...

Come and I'll make one for you!