Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can never forget my father's birthday...

or my sister's... we share the same birthday. So july fourteenth was a pretty festive day in our family. I guess for France too. But who cares about France, right?

Happy birthday Baba, it's always been weird sharing a birthday with you, 'cause you had the wit to answer my question with a question.

So what did you get me for my birthday this year, dad?

What did YOU get me?

... right!

(He always got me nice things, he was just a tease... still is)

And happy birthday twin wonderful sister. How will I ever top your gift to me this year. Can I make you your favorite Banana bread for a gift (in a couple of months until our paths cross on the same continent that is... I know, I totally suck!)

It's been a while since we celebrated our birthday's together.

 I do enjoy turning into my new age nine hours later than my twin sister, even though technically I am nine minutes older (my mom fell asleep in between). Ah the irony.  i make it a point to shove it in my sister's face every year. Neat, huh?


Because we have awesome family in town (who babysat for us tonight,) we got to watch this movie tonight, ( I liked it a lot.and the link button is not working today, sorry about that) and dine out, and and go to a quick browse in a book store. It was a lovely evening, I think I married the right guy. one less thing to worry about, phew!

I don't have any related photos, but I figured it's always a plus to see a certain little someone play with her pull toy or stick her self in a box. Happy Bastille Day everyone... ooops, I mean all you French people out there. 


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