Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hot and sticky

Tomorrow is the day where I bid farewell to all four wisdom teeth of mine. No more wisdom from this hippie, so enjoy the last day of it... wait, huh? alright moving on. (please remember me in your du'a)

The weather is reaching mid nineties and humid... breezy though, so I am not complaining, only I don't want to do anything near a stove... ice cream for dinner anyone?

Here are some shots from our weekend and early week days:

 Happy belated fourth, I must say Chicagoan's know how to celebrate... a' la Shobra style (an inside Egyptian joke{any Egyptian readers out there? sorry!)
Park fun
cloud spotting, anyone see a flying mouse? no? you're saying they're called bats? oh well!
hello beautiful!



Empress Anisa said...

Great pics! Which Shobra are you from??? Or not???
And what's your ETA?
Sometimes, I don't make it back so here's contact:

FB: Patricia Anderson Hussain
Email: cococherokeegirl@hotmail

London Henna said...

Beautiful pics mashallah =)

Muslim Hippie said...

Empress- I am not from Shobra, I was merely joking because of the crowds and people jumping in the fountain with their clothes on. I just added you by the way.

London Henna- hello there:)