Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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 Today, I went shopping... it's true. I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote down my shopping list-- which entailed asking the other decision maker in our household if he needed anything. I even proceeded into checking the fridge and under the kitchen sink to make sure I got EVERYTHING... then off we (Mei, Grabby and I {someone will be pleased with this sentence *wink* I hope}) went.

We came back from the grocers with three big re-usable (I wasn't spacey in this department, thank you very much!) bags. Logical. Right?...

... think again.

I somehow managed to forget the items that no one needs a list for. Like what you ask? Like milk for cereal, eggs for everything, bread for sandwiches,  you know, those kindda things. Plus I purchased the wrong kind of toothpaste that I always (ALWAYS!) get for Grabby. True story.

What happened after that?... I proceeded the day in the same fashion that I started. But let's just leave it at that. Also never speak of it again. Deal?

I want to try hooping with Mei this summer. (I am trying to find any decent youtube hooping videos, but to no avail) I used to hoop in my youth. I wonder if it's like riding a bicycle?
Speaking of hoops. NO WAY!

My new camera takes movie quality videos (I kid you not!) I am currently trying to figure out how to setup a private page where I can add video's to share with family. Any tips (I tried wordpress but to download movies I have to pay. me-no-like-y!) any help would be appreciated.


And finally SPLASH!


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Anonymous said...

salaam sis,i'm a mom to 4 gorgeous dauhters and live in the uk, its so nice to see another muslima who is so devoted to her family,love to know more about you its quite interestig connecting with people.