Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tunes :: Pilot

 Me and my first born have this neat habit that I mentioned before, which entails drawing side by side the same exact thing. So the other day I placed Grabby on her high chair gave her some crayons and a note book, then I sat next to my first born and started drawing a girl.

Is that me mama?
 It could be, here's a big smile on your face.
No mommy, draw a sad face mommy.
 Okay. There.
Also draw me crying, I want purple hair, black skies, and rain.
 Hmn, are you that sad?
I want to wear a rainbow dress too, draw me in a rainbow dress mommy.

Phew, a rainbow dress might just give some balance to that dark picture my girl had me draw.

 These are our similar drawings side by side. She wanted hers all in black.

I am introducing a new tuesday series if you will, called "Tuesday Tunes" where I will share, or introduce different music genres that I enjoy/listen to.

This week's tunes are very close to my heart. The Oud artist performing, is a famous Iraqi oud player. He is one of my brother's favorites (my brother is a self taught amazing oud player himself). Nassir Shamma is not only an amazing musician, who introduced a modern way of strumming the oud like a Guitar. But he also invented a new technique for playing the instrument (after a dear friend of his lost one of his arms at the war, and hence thought his dreams of learning the instrument were lost with his arm.) I atteneded one of Nassir's concert's where he performed his technique of playing the chords and strumming with the same hand. His friend (and many with the same situation) now plays the Oud. 
So without furthur ado:


Btw, he's the one on your right hand side (screen right)

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Coffee Catholic said...

Ahhhhhh! I want to learn that instrument! WOW!

This is beautiful. Amazing.