Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot day alert!

Our reliable weather peeps informed us that tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the year *insert dramatic music*.
It was pretty hot and muggy today too, but I have to say the kiddie pool is our friend this summer.

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Too hot to lug about two little ones to the park, or walk down the street in the soaring sun to the beach.
No worries friends. The kiddie pool, make it your friend this summer. Just dip your hot, sticky, sweaty, feet in, and you'll feel a breeze working it's way to you from no where. And remember don't let the good folks soften your heart against child labor--those little hands can work wonders-- lugging bucket after bucket from our friend the kiddie pool and pouring it right at your feet.

This Summer The Kiddie Pool... Make it your friend!

This advertisement comes with this limited special offer:  On every kiddie pool, get two little elven bucket fillers for free. This offer ends soon. Hurry!

 Inspired by this angry chicken, we made our own Popsicle puppets. And I would like to report the skyrocketing success of this project. Friends, for the first time in history, this mama and her two little munchkins were completely warped out of time for at least a good two hours (if not more). We started by cutting circles for the puppets (amusing for all) Mei is not that articulate with scissors-use yet. But she LOVES her (child safe) scissors and cuts page after the next in tiny little slivers (not that exciting comes time to clean up) Grabby used her crayons for scribbling and then later she used our window markers on the windows.

Mei and I drew several faces, glued them on popsicle sticks and Mei drew a forest themed back drop.
We then continued to make a show after another, and a couple of them made it on video too. It was grand.
(Apologies on the poor lighting, I just took these now {11:00 pm} and couldn't be bothered to touch them up)
Happy hottest day of the year Chicagoans! and everybody remember: This Summer, The kiddie pool... make it your friend!


(I just noticed how wrinkly the puppets look in the photos. Grabby played with them too, and when I wasn't looking I'd hear "lollipop yum"  A lot of them got saved from the lollipop monster *smile*)

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